Why Any Sex Toy Can be a Sex Toy for Men

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that certain sex toys are only made for specific types of people or certain groups. Sex toys for men are no different. Strokers, sleeves, and prostate massagers have long been considered a guy’s only thing, while vibrators and dildos are for “girls only.”

Since we’re all adults here, let’s get one thing clear — any sex toy can be used by anyone for any reason. Here’s what you need to know about men’s sex toys.

Different Types of Stimulation Feel Good

Different Types of Stimulation Feel GoodCertain toys made with men in mind provide very specific stimulation and sensation. There’s the sucking motion of a good Fleshlight or stroker. Then you have the squeeze of a tight penis ring that may or may not be buzzing against your testicles or perineum. If that feels good, other stimulation might feel good, too.

Need an example? Try a vibrator against your shaft or under your scrotum. It doesn’t matter if you can only handle the lowest setting — if it feels good, enjoy it! That vibrator just became a sex toy for a man — you.

Some Sex Toys are Made for All Bodies

We’re all a little different, but some sex toys are universal — anal sex toys especially. We all have a butt. From butt plugs to anal beads, there are plenty of options for anyone who enjoys anal stimulation. That includes dudes.

No, anal isn’t something only gay men do. Being gay or bisexual is about who you’re attracted to. Enjoying anal is about stimulation and what feels good to your body. Those anal toys you’ve been pretending you weren’t interested in are definitely made for all bodies, including guys.

Not All Men Have Penises

Not All Men Have PenisesJust because it’s common to think that all guys have a penis and therefore will all use the same types of sex toys, it’s just not true. There are trans men in the world who are definitely guys and may need or want different sex toys that fit their specific body.

A masturbator may be perfect for your male body, and a dildo may be perfect for another man’s body. Gender isn’t about body parts. So yes, any sex toy can be used by any man and that makes it a sex toy for men.

Couples Toys are for Everyone

The first thing to realize is that any sex toy can be used as a couples sex toy (notice a theme here?). But if you’re a guy, and you’re enjoying a sex toy with your partner, it becomes a sex toy for you, too. That’s regardless of what color it is, whether it vibrates or not, or what part of your body it stimulates.

Consider this permission (and a reason) to experiment with your partner’s sex toy collection as often as possible. They may discover new ways to enjoy old favorites, and you’ll find new methods of getting off and exploring sexual pleasure together. Either way, you’re both having better sex which is the best part of all.

Keep an Open Mind

Keep an Open MindThe most important thing to remember about men’s sex toys is that if you keep an open mind, you’ll open up a new world of sex and fun for yourself. If you love your masturbator or even the strapon and harness you use with a partner, great! But those favorites are just the beginning of what your body is capable of feeling.

All consensual pleasure is normal. Masturbating is normal. Experimenting with your body is normal. That means you’re free to try new things and find new pleasure for yourself. Alone or with a partner, explore different sensations and try new sex toys to find what works best for you. Whatever it is, you’ll make that toy a sex toy for men (even if you’re the only guy using it).


The bottom line is that any sex toy you use and enjoy becomes a sex toy for you, regardless of your gender or if you have a penis or not. So don’t be afraid to try new things — alone or with a partner. You may be shocked at what you enjoy and what gets you off.

Do you have a favorite sex toy? Is there a toy you’d really like to try but thought you couldn’t because you’re a guy? Let us know in the comments below!

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