Are There Risks to Using a Penis Ring?

It might be hard to imagine that a sex toy designed to bring a lot of pleasure, stimulation, and sex to your life could be risky, but it’s always a possibility. Even your favorite penis ring carries some potential risks if you don’t play with it the right way or pay attention to how your body feels. This is especially true when you’re new to using one.

So, are there risks to using a penis ring? Yes, but there are ways to avoid those risks, too. C-rings don’t have to be dangerous. Here’s what you need to know.

Start with Basic Penis Rings

Start with Basic Cock RingsIf you’re new to using a penis ring, start with the most basic you can find. Get a simple stretchy ring, but pay attention to the dimensions. Put on one too small for your girth, and you could experience discomfort later and have to deal with the very real risks of your c-ring use.

The benefit to using simple penis rings at first is that, if you miscalculate the size, they’re easier to cut off in an emergency. Since this style is so inexpensive, it’s easier to “lose” money to an unfortunate penis ring incident. The truth is, you shouldn’t hesitate to grab the scissors no matter what especially if it’s a question between your future erections and any adult toy, but cheap c-rings are easier to destroy in a (literal) pinch.

Don’t Wear Penis Rings for Too Long

If your penis ring is meant to restrict your blood flow (and many but not all are), you shouldn’t wear it for too long. Most guys will do well with 20 to 30 minutes of wear, and, if you’re continuously hard, possibly up to an hour — assuming it fits well. Once you’re done boning your partner and lose your erection, slip off your ring. You don’t want to fall asleep with it on.

If you restrict blood flow into your penis for too long, there’s a slight (but very real) risk of priapism. You could also impede your penis’s natural stretch and control in your groin if you leave it on for too long, especially if you get hard again but don’t alleviate your erection.

Signs Your Penis Ring is Too Tight

Signs Your Cock Ring is Too TightHow do you know if your penis ring is too tight? You may feel a few symptoms, together or separately:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Coldness
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Discoloration of your penis

Restricting blood flow during an erection will make you appear bigger and even darker than before. But if it looks completely unnatural or doesn’t feel right, take it off. A penis ring is not worth doing permanent damage to your penis for.

Not Everyone Should Use a Penis Ring

Penis rings are great for additional stimulation, bigger orgasms, lasting longer in bed, and to help people who have to deal with erectile dysfunction, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for everyone. If any of this applies to you, talk to your doctor before you buy or use a penis ring:

  • You have been diagnosed with diabetes or nerve damage or problems.
  • You’re taking blood-thinning medication for any reason.
  • You’ve been injured in your groin area.

If your doctor gives the all-clear, pay careful attention to how the c-ring feels once it’s on and you’re erect. Use a stretchy ring that can be cut off of you if necessary.

Play Safely

When you use your penis ring, always keep safety in mind. Apply lube for more comfort and reduced friction. Pick a ring that fits you. (We keep mentioning it because it’s so important.) This isn’t a time to try to make yourself seem bigger or more erect than you are with a too-small c-ring. The whole point of using a penis ring is to have the kind of sex and pleasure you want. But don’t put your penis at risk for it.


Penis rings are a lot of fun and have helped many couples get their groove back after erectile dysfunction and other medical concerns. When used correctly and the right size is worn, penis rings are a great way to enhance your pleasure and orgasm. Don’t be afraid to buy your first c-ring, but be aware of the risks. That way you can continue having fun far into the future!

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