Our Features

1. More Real

Do real. Be lifelike. All About True Realism.

Dolls with special real

  • The AtFun team prioritized creating an authentic sexual experience by designing a new and original sex doll that goes beyond human proportions.
  • The goal was to capture the intimacy of touch and feel that is often lost in traditional sex dolls. We wanted to provide an engaging and emotionally satisfying experience for those seeking to get lost in the heat of passion.

2. More Advanced

Enjoy the Best of Everything without Choosing - It's all here!

2-1. Breath

Since breathing is a natural process, why not incorporate it into a doll? When you witness the doll's chest gently rise and fall, I am confident that those who harbor deep affection for it will feel as if they are being embraced by its soft, rhythmic movements.

2-2. Sucking Vagina

The primary goal of dolls is to enhance one's basic and pleasurable sexual life. As such, we have equipped our advanced dolls with a masturbator cup function. This feature allows for a higher frequency of orgasms during sexual activities, thereby making pleasure easily attainable.

2-3. Hydronic Heating

Numerous customers have shared with us that they experience a cold sensation when holding a sex doll, especially during the winter. Therefore, our team has developed a solution to ensure that the doll can provide warmth and enhance your nightly experience. Let's face it, we all desire an engaging and emotionally charged physical experience when we lose ourselves in the heat of love.

3.More Fun

Technology changes life.

3-1. So many Decisions

There are many websites available that let you customize your doll completely, from head to toe, including the nail caps. Customers may easily feel overwhelmed and worn out with so many selection buttons to pick from. It might be challenging for beginners to decide which features to employ and which are user-friendly, necessitating much time and research. Furthermore, it might be annoying when the cost of optional settings is greater than the cost of the doll itself.

3-2. Big Data tell you

We have identified popular features, including silicone heads, jelly chests, and standing feet, and have also noted common complaints such as weight and size. To address these issues, we created the Premium series, which incorporates the most popular features while addressing pain points. Additionally, we introduced the Breathing and Warm-up series to cater to specific customer needs.

3-3.It's all here!

Here, all important features are included in our products, and we don't charge extra for any additional features. You have the right to completely appreciate the high-quality products that we take great satisfaction in producing. Living up to our tagline, "living at fun," demonstrates our dedication to giving you a good time. So go ahead and order your favorite attractive dolls as soon as possible. and emotionally charged physical experience when we lose ourselves in the heat of love.