More Real

Do real. Be lifelike.

All About True Realism

  • The intimacy between two people—the touch, the feel, the body definition—is what makes sexual intercourse so amazing.
  • But for so long that’s been lost with basic sex dolls because they simply make it a cold experience void of real excitement.
  • That’s why the team At Fun team focused on how to create a more genuine and authentic sexual experience.
  • First and foremost, we committed ourselves to creating something completely new and original from head to toe.
  • Something that goes beyond simple human proportions and that embraces what it feels like to be close to another person.
  • Because, let’s be honest, we all want that engaging and physically

Hands and feet

With the aid of fully articulated hands and stand-up feet technology, we have successfully accomplished realistic hand and foot movements, rendering the desired pose more intricate than a mere greeting. Let’s count in unison: one, two, three.

Body Details

Over the past few years, we have continuously updated our dolls with a primary focus on authenticity.

As a result, we have launched numerous enhancements, including implanted hair, realistic eyelashes, and an evo skeleton.

However, the most significant breakthrough came when we added body veins, as the doll suddenly became more lifelike and almost appeared to possess a life force.