More Advanced

Technology changes life

To maximize pleasure during any sexual experience, we have developed a new concept that merges the features of a sex doll and a robot. By incorporating cutting-edge technology and emotional capabilities, we aim to create an unparalleled level of intimacy and satisfaction in each encounter.


Since breathing is a natural process, why not incorporate it into a doll? When you witness the doll’s chest gently rise and fall, I am confident that those who harbor deep affection for it will feel as if they are being embraced by its soft, rhythmic movements.

Sucking Vagina

The primary goal of dolls is to enhance one’s basic and pleasurable sexual life. As such, we have equipped our advanced dolls with a masturbator cup function. This feature allows for a higher frequency of orgasms during sexual activities, thereby making pleasure easily attainable.

Hydronic Heating

Numerous customers have shared with us that they experience a cold sensation when holding a sex doll, especially during the winter. It is not ideal or scientifically sound to rely on body temperature to warm the doll. Therefore, our team has developed a solution to ensure that the doll can provide warmth and enhance your nightly experience. Let’s face it, we all desire an engaging and emotionally charged physical experience when we lose ourselves in the heat of passion.