7 Questions You Might Ask When Shopping at an Adult Store

Whether it’s your first time or not, shopping at an adult store raises all kinds of questions. It’s completely normal to wonder about the store you’re at, the sex toys you see, and even what other people are thinking or doing.

If you’re new to shopping at a sex toy shop, here are seven questions you might ask when you’re there.

Is everyone watching me?

Is everyone watching me?The short answer is no, they’re not. Most people in a sex toy store are there to do their own shopping and may be thinking the same thing. That being said, if you get a weird vibe from someone or someone won’t leave you alone, always let someone on staff know. Good sex toy shops know how to deal with creepers and people who don’t understand boundaries. You don’t have to put up with that kind of experience, and your local shop should make sure you don’t.

Will anyone know me?

Unless you live in a really small town, the answer is probably not. Most larger areas have multiple sex toy stores, and it’s not like passing your neighbor in the grocery store. If you become a loyal shopper at a specific store, the staff may recognize you over time. But like the question above, most people want their own privacy in an adult store, so even if someone recognizes you, they likely won’t say anything.

Where do I start?

Large, well-stocked sex toy shops can be overwhelming for first-time visitors. You’re likely going to see more dildos or vibrators in one place than you’ve ever seen in your entire life. If you know what you like, start in that section. But if something catches your eye, go there first. Let yourself explore because you never know what you’ll find while you’re browsing.

Can I try a sex toy in the store?

The other variation of this question is, “Can I try something on?” The answer is that it depends. No sex toy or product should touch your genitals, so “trying” a sex toy isn’t an option. But a staff person may allow you to hold a toy in your hand to feel the material or vibrations. You may also be able to try on a strapon harness over your clothes — but always ask first. For lingerie and costumes, ask if the shop has a fitting room. If so, try on lingerie like you do a bathing suit — over your underwear.

How does this work?

How does this work?It’s completely normal to walk through a sex toy store and find things you’ve never seen before. When in doubt, ask someone who works there. Many employees take great pride in learning as much as they can about sex toys and sex education so they can help customers. Some stores may even host workshops and classes to help you become more comfortable with products and sexual pleasure. You don’t have to walk through a store confused. Find someone on staff to ask and learn more before you make a purchase.

What if I’m unhappy with my sex toy purchase?

Despite your best efforts, it’s possible to browse through a sex toy shop, find something that looks fun, and realize you hate it when you get it home. Alternatively, it might stop working or not be right for you. These concerns stop plenty of people from buying a sex toy in the first place. Always check the return policy when you shop. Some stores will allow a full refund with a receipt within a certain amount of time. Others may only let you exchange a product. And yes, there are adult shops that don’t allow refunds at all — so always ask first.

Is it weird to buy a lot of sex toys?

Nope! We love it when someone finds more than one toy they can’t live without. There’s no shame in having a growing sex toy collection. Different products do something different for your body. If you’re experimenting with pleasure or know exactly what you want, there’s nothing wrong with getting a separate toy for each sensation you want to experience. No one in a sex toy shop will judge you for buying multiple toys.


It’s normal to have a lot of questions the first time you do anything, especially buying sex toys or walking into an adult shop. Whether you’re nervous or excited (or both!), you’re not alone in your feelings. Everyone has questions when they walk in — even if they’re regular customers. There’s always something new to discover in a local sex toy shop. Once you find a store with helpful staff that makes you feel comfortable, you may keep going back and getting more of your questions answered.

What questions do you have about shopping in an adult store? Ask your questions in the comments below!

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