Should You DIY Your Sex Toys?

You’d probably expect someone who sells fabulous and pleasurable sex toys to say you should never, ever DIY a toy. That’s not quite the case. When money gets tight or you’re desperate for some sexy fun, some pleasure can definitely be a do-it-yourself kind of thing. But because of how close adult toys (and other things) come to your genitals, you need to be careful about what you choose and how you play.

Can you or should you DIY your sex toys? Sometimes the answer is yes, definitely and sometimes, it’s probably a “no.”

Don’t DIY Penetrative Toys

Don’t DIY Penetrative ToysWe’ve all done it, especially in the early days of masturbation and sexual exploration. A hairbrush, a vegetable out of the refrigerator, even markers — if it’s long and cylindrical, it’s been inside either a vagina or an anus. Just because it can fit in your body doesn’t mean it should.

Do you know where it’s been? Sex toys aren’t always the most sanitary items but at least they can be cleaned with soap and water or sterilized in boiling water. What about that hairbrush, beer bottle, or tube of hair gel? It’s probably gross, and definitely shouldn’t be inside your body.

What will you do if it gets stuck? Yes, that’s right, it could get stuck. People go to the emergency room all the time because they got something stuck in their butt or vagina. Don’t be that person if you can help it.

Are you ready for an infection? Food and vulvas rarely mix. In general, putting food items near your vulva is almost never a good idea. Yeast infections and UTIs are a very real risk and aren’t the most comfortable things in the world.

DIY Your Kinky Fun

DIY Your Kinky FunAsk an experienced kinkster about turning everyday things into fun toys, and they’ll likely tell you stories of trips to home improvement stores and “pervertables.” You don’t have to buy anything special to do this, and nearly anything can be “perverted” for kinky fun. All you need to do for this is look around your home and reimagine things you already have.

  • Scarves, belts, and even the tie from your bathrobe can all be used in bondage.
  • A belt can be used as a collar and/or a leash.
  • Got an old dog collar or leash and a submissive fantasy? Use that instead!
  • Wooden spoons, spatulas, and rulers are great for spankings.

When you get kinky, safety is extremely important. Keep sturdy scissors around to cut the ties you use for bondage fun. Check to make sure anything around the wrists, ankles, neck, or any other part of the body isn’t too tight. And start slowly with any spanking or impact play to make sure you don’t cause a bad kind of pain instead of the sexy, kinky fun kind you both want.

DIY Your Orgasms

It may sound cliche but for many people — with vulvas or penises — a quick, down, and dirty way to stimulate your body is waiting for you in the shower. That’s right, good water pressure and a shower head can do wonders for some solo fun. You’ll need a handheld showerhead and time to find the right angle, but once you do, you’ll see what we mean.

If you have a good bathtub faucet and plenty of water pressure, you can do the same thing in the tub minus the handheld showerhead. If you’re able to, position your pelvis under the stream of water — checking the temperature first — and sit back and enjoy. It doesn’t work for everyone because of the angle, but if you’re one of the fortunate ones, get ready for lots more baths.

Clone Your Own

Clone Your OwnPart DIY, part sex toy purchase, another option for some do-it-yourself fun is to clone yourself! Okay, not a full science experiment clone with spliced cells. This is a mold, some silicone, and, depending on the kit you purchase, maybe even chocolate. Clone-a-Willy and Clone-a-Pussy are very real options whether you’re feeling crafty or you love the idea of making a replica of yourself or a partner.

Cloning a willy is exactly how it sounds. You’ll make a silicone replica of the real thing to enjoy in multiple ways. Cloning a pussy only copies the vulva and labia — not the vaginal walls or any interior parts of the body. You can choose skin tones or something fun like glow-in-the-dark or hot pink!


So should you DIY your sex toys? The answer depends on what kind of sex toy you want to use, and whether you want new and interesting types of stimulation. For penetrative toys like anal plugs or dildos, definitely buy a toy made of a safe material and good quality. You can use your showerhead or tub for some pulsating fun but when that gets boring, you might want to seek out a good vibrator. To add new sensations and add kinky fun to the bedroom, there’s nothing wrong with DIYing your fun until you’re ready to buy high-quality gear.

Have you ever made your own sex toy? Tell us all about it down in the comments!

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