Spicing Up Your Life with Lingerie

A priority for many couples is to find ways to spice up their love life. There’s nothing to be ashamed of by this, it has less to do with weak libido and more to do with injecting adventure and spontaneity into your routine. Some couples utilize toys, role-playing, and even experiment with bondage and sadomasochism. However, one of the most effective ways of spicing up your love life and making your senses tingle with excitement is through the act of purchasing lingerie. Whether you’re buying it for yourself or your partner, lingerie can liven up any potential romantic rendezvous and inject sensuality into a situation. 

Lingerie & The Benefits of Mental Health 

There’s something about donning some sensuous outer (or under) wear that gives us a unique feeling that’s unparalleled. Believe it or not, there was a recent study that indicated wearing lingerie can boost mental health. While it might be normal to expect that the act of receiving a gift would be the sole purpose of this subtle euphoria, the reason goes slightly deeper. (And yes, we meant that both ways.)

In the simplest terms possible, lingerie is an act of self-love. By putting on undergarments that accentuate our bodies and sexualize them, whether it’s in front of a mirror or with your partner, the feeling is one of exquisite sensuality. The act of putting on such garments reaffirms our belief in the fact that we’re attractive and desirable and increases our feelings of self-worth. 

From Objectified to Electrified 

It’s very easy to take a step back and look at lingerie through puritanical eyes as nothing more than the further objectification of the female form. After all, the number of men that subscribe to Victoria’s Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood each year is considerable, and a decent amount of them aren’t doing it to make a purchase. However, we’ve come so far from the days of sexuality being a taboo subject that’s discussed in whispers and hushed voices. It’s time to cease looking at lingerie in terms of objectification and more along the lines of adoration. 

Giving someone the gift of lingerie affirms their deep admiration for your physical form. It’s a statement that you adore their body and wish to see it accentuated in a situation that’s revealing and incredibly personal. Consider it an excuse in flattery that will make you feel desired, wanted, and even worshipped like the exquisite work of art that you know you truly are. 

Breaking Confines of Gender Roles

It’s very true that the majority of products that are considered lingerie are marketed for the female form. However, these products are not exclusive to a single-gender—far from it. Your partner might give you the gift of a skimpy negligee to see your breasts accentuated and leave very little to the imagination. However, the tables can be turned upon him to reverse roles in the most tantalizing of ways. 

Showing him that his form is pleasing to you is as simple as giving him some underwear that accentuates his package. Spice things up a step further by giving him a cock ring to wear underneath. This is one present you won’t mind unwrapping early. Spicing up events in the bedroom certainly goes both ways, and you both will benefit greatly from the introduction of some choice articles of underclothes. 

Hooray for National Lingerie Day!

Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a tie and age where everything we love has its own unique day of celebration? We certainly think so. If all this talk of lingerie and clothing (and sometimes lack thereof) has got you excited about making a purchase in the immediate future, then we’re very glad to announce that National Lingerie Day falls on April 25! Of course, you don’t have to wait for a special day to embrace the festivities. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to celebrate with lingerie as often as you’d like, and if your libido requests, all year long. And just so you can appreciate the evolution of these lacey undergarments, we’ve gathered some titillating tidbits of information to help you celebrate. 

  • The late 1800s Before the advent of lingerie, women’s under fashion mostly consisted of corsets and before that bustles. This changed during the latter half of the 18th century when underwear was redesigned to be lighter, easier to wear, and breathable. 
  • 1914 In another example of warfare being a necessity of invention, women who began volunteering in certain positions during the first world war needed underwear that was above all else, practical. It was during this year that marked the beginning of the first world war that the brassiere was first designed and patented. 
  • The 1960s In the midst of the sexual revolution, some took to burning their bras as a sign of protest. However, the opposite end of the spectrum saw lingerie becoming increasingly glamorized thanks in parts to manufacturers such as Fredericks of Hollywood. 
  • 1977 A male entrepreneur named Roy Raymond founds the lingerie company Victoria’s Secret. The company develops a mail-order catalog system that becomes one of the highest-grossing publications of all time.  
  • 2020s Lingerie designs for men begin to become more popular, challenging gender stereotypes. 

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