How To Use A Penis Pump

If you’ve decided a pump is the product for you, luckily there’s plenty of options of available to suit every need and budget.

Pumps use either air or water to create a vacuum and therefore suction, in turn giving users the results they are seeking.

Traditional pumps using air are operated with a trigger handle or medical-style squeeze ball to manually increase pressure within the cylinder. These pumps often feature a pressure gauge to keep track of the pressure that works and feels best for you, while making sure you aren’t overdoing it. This Beginner Penis Pump by Shots Toys includes a bonus silicone cock ring, and uses a trusty pistol grip to increase pressure. Another great beginner-friendly pump is the Adam and Eve Starter Penis Pump, which features a manual pull handle for increased control. If you’re after an affordable squeeze ball device, the High Rize Beginner Penis Pump is another great option for those just starting out.

There’s also the option of a modern electronic pump, which automatically creates suction with the press of a button. These often also include either a traditional or digital pressure gauge. Wild Secrets customers love the nsnovelties Rechargeable Powerhouse Pump for its powerful and easy-to-use design.

Bathmate is a premium pump brand which creates a vacuum suction using water rather than air, with a plethora of size options to ensure the right fit for you. The science behind this is that unlike air, water is more consistent, and you get an even cushion around the penis. To read more about Bathmate pumps, including how to use one, check out our blog post here. A popular option is the Bathmate Hydromax7 (X30) Premium Penis Pump, or the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 (Hydromax Xtreme X30) Penis Pump & Kit which includes a user-friendly handball pump and a handy cleaning kit.

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