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First of all, let’s be honest. We’ve pretty much all had at least one experience that made us wonder how to last longer in bed. Anyone who says otherwise is probably lying. K? K.

One particular situation has happened to virtually everyone with a penis. You’ve figured out how to get in the mood with your partner. You’re going at it, you’re in the zone, and your partner’s loving it. In your brain, you’re just getting started. But your body decides to finish. Hey, we get it! It’s not that anyone’s complaining about the climax — it’s just that sometimes, you want to take a little bit (or a lot) longer to get there!

Then there’s the other common dilemma. Things start to heat up. You get good and hard, and you’re rarin’ to go. Your brain stays excited, but before long, your erection goes bye bye. Or rather, it starts to leave without even saying goodbye at all. How rude.

Well good news, folks: There are quite a few ways to make sex last longer without even using pills. Whether you want to extend your sexual stamina to maximize your own pleasure, your partner’s pleasure or both, you’ve got options. Here are a few.


Three Products To Make Sex Last Longer (Nope, Not Pills)

Not gonna lie; we’re pretty excited to tell you about these. You’ve probably even heard of some or all these adult sex toys. But a lot of people don’t know how they work or that one of their benefits is to make sex last longer. You might be surprised how simple the answers can be!


1. Penis Pumps

As you may have read in our recent article , a penis pump is a nifty contraption that uses suction to draw blood into the penis. (It’s also sometimes called a vacuum pump, vacuum constriction pump, enlarger pump or erection pump.) Since blood is the magic ingredient for an erection, a penis pump basically helps form stronger, longer-lasting erections. So if you’ve been wondering how to keep an erection longer naturally, a penis pump is worth a try!

Oh, and there’s a bonus. (OK, actually this may be the thing penis pumps are actually MORE famous for, but anyway.) A penis pump can not only make sex last longer but also make you temporarily longer and thicker, too, for increased sexual pleasure. Win-win! Interested? Check out our penis pumps and other male enhancement products.

2. Cock Rings

Once you’re hard, a cock ring can help you keep that goodness going for longer. Basically, a cock ring sits around the base of the penis and sort of helps keep the blood there, which keeps you fuller, creates a delayed ejaculation, and makes it EVEN BETTER when you finally do come.

Understanding how to use a cock ring is the key to success. A cock ring can be used by itself or after using a penis pump. There are also a lot of different kinds. You’ve got your metal vs. softer materials, solid vs. adjustable, smooth vs. textured … that could really be a whole different article, but we’ll give you two tips to help start you off.

First, consider an adjustable option if you’ve never used a cock ring before. The right fit is really important.

Second, check out the vibrating options. Yep, vibrating! That way you still get that critical constriction to make sex last longer, but you also get a little extra pleasure for both you and your partner.

A Cock Ring To Make Sex Last Longer

3. Penis Sleeves And/Or Extenders

Like the idea of a cock ring but want even more ejaculation-delaying power? Your wish has been granted! A penis sleeve or penis extender can make sex last longer by providing that lovely constriction all along the length of the shaft. The added bonus here is that it can also add girth and different textures for your partner’s pleasure and spice up your sexual performance.

So what’s the difference between a penis sleeve and a penis extender? It’s pretty simple. A penis sleeve covers just the shaft and leaves the tip exposed. A penis extender covers the whole penis and — you guessed it — actually adds length as well. This will create new sensations for your partner during sexual intercourse.

As you might have suspected, there are different kinds of penis sleeves and extenders, too. Different textures, materials, sizes, etc. are all available. And again, vibration! (Psst, we clitoris owners tend to like clitoral stimulation, in case you hadn’t noticed.) Look around and read some reviews to see which you might want to try first.


Four In-The-Moment Tricks To Make Sex Last Longer 

So now you know what to buy and try, and hopefully your new toys are already on their way. But what if you need a quick fix for penetrative sex in the meantime? How can you make sex last longer right now, without the accessories? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you keep rocking and rolling as long as possible.


1. Practical Positions

Sometimes, just changing your level of stimulation can make sex last longer. Instead of going deep, try sex positions that provide more shallow penetration, or even just stimulate your partner from the outside for a while. For example, with a female partner, lie side-to-side and insert your penis between her legs so it rubs against her clit without going all the way inside her.


2. Edging

This technique practice. The idea is, let yourself get so close to orgasm that you’re ALMOST to the point of no return — the “edge” of orgasm, if you will. Then stop all stimulation (and have your partner stop) and cool down for about 30 seconds, until you no longer feel that almost-beyond-control feeling. Then start again, and repeat until you actually want to come. The best part? When you finally do orgasm, it’ll be even more intense.


3. The Squeeze

Much like edging, with the squeeze technique, you let yourself get almost to the point of orgasm. Then, instead of just stopping all stimulation, you or your partner should also gently squeeze the tip of your penis for about 30 seconds until the intense urge to ejaculate subsides. Then you can start up again. 


4. Kegels During Sex

If you feel yourself about to come and want to stop it ASAP, but you don’t want to use the squeeze method, try cranking out a few kegels until the urge passes. About 5 kegels should do. What’s a kegel, you ask? And how do you do one? We’ll actually talk about that a little more in the next section.


Six Lifestyle Changes To Help Make Sex Last Longer

If the goodies, gadgets and tricks we’ve already mentioned don’t quite cut it for you, or if you just want to enhance their effects, there is even more you can do. Try these healthy habits.


1. Eat Foods That Promote Circulation

If you want a reliable erection, good circulation is your best friend. Certain foods can help with that. Cold-water fish like salmon, cod and mackerel, for example, contain a lot of omega-3 fats. These types of fats are great for your circulatory system because they essentially thin the blood and help reduce inflammation in your blood vessels, so everything can flow better. Unsalted nuts are also great because they contain magnesium, which helps relax arteries, and L-arginine, which ultimately helps dilate arteries. And foods rich in vitamin C can help promote “microcirculation” (circulation through all the tiny capillaries in the body). 

On the other hand, limit your intake of sugar, trans fat and salts. Sugar triggers insulin, which inflames arteries and veins. It can also contribute to type 2 diabetes, which causes further blood vessel problems. Meanwhile, trans fat can clog things up, and too much salt can cause high blood pressure. All of this is obviously bad news for your overall health, not just your sex life. In a nutshell — an unsalted nutshell, of course — remember to watch what you eat.


2. Get More Sunlight

One of the most surprising ways to make sex last longer? Spend more time in the sun! (Maybe not while you’re having sex, though. Al fresco love-making tends to be illegal. Anyway …)

So how can exposure to sunlight help extend sex? You see, premature ejaculation (PE) is sometimes related to anxiety and depression. And anxiety and depression may be caused by a shortage of serotonin in the brain. And guess what sunlight does? Ding, ding, ding! It helps increase serotonin production. No wonder we love the sun so much!


3. Exercise More

Getting physically fit can improve your circulation (hello, stronger erection!) and even help you better control your breathing, which can serve you well during sex. Plus, we all know exercise is good for you in about a bajillion other ways, so you really can’t go wrong.


4. Work That Pelvic Floor

Speaking of exercise, when was the last time you exercised your PC muscles? No, not your politically correct muscles. PC stands for pubococcygeus. (Don’t worry. You don’t have to pronounce it.) These are the muscles in your pelvic floor that you’re working when you do kegels. Strengthening them can give you stronger, more upright erections and more control over when you surrender to that big, beautiful O.

So how do you know when you’re working your PC muscles? They’re the ones you’re using if you try to stop your pee mid-stream. Not that we recommend doing that often, but it can help you figure out what to clench. Once you know, just squeeze for a few seconds, and then release. And tada! You’ve done a kegel. Do about three sets of ten kegels day to give that pelvic floor a good workout.


5. Avoid Cigs and Drinks

OK, we won’t lecture. Much. But we all know smoking and drinking aren’t great for your health, to say the least. One of the many potential side effects is trouble getting or keeping an erection. Long-term smoking and drinking can even lead to full-blown, long-term erectile dysfunction (ED). So we just couldn’t write about how to keep an erection longer naturally and leave this warning out. We know it’s not always easy to avoid the temptation, but if you’re really determined to make sex last longer and improve your overall health, it’s worth it.


6. Keep Stress In Check

Admittedly, minimizing stress and anxiety is easier said than done, but it’s important to try. See, stress plays all kinds of dirty tricks on the body. And not the fun kind of dirty. Just bad. Among the many other problems it can cause, which are just too many to get into, stress can make it hard to get and keep an erection. Anxiety may also be tied to premature ejaculation. Talk about counterproductive, right? So do all you can to relax, which can make sex last longer and let you enjoy it more. Which can actually relieve stress in itself. Which can make sex last longer. Which … well, you get the idea.


Find Your Favorite Sex-Extending Combination

If you’ve always wondered how to keep an erection longer without pills or how to delay orgasm, now you know — there are lots of ways! But everybody’s different, so you might need to try some different combinations of products, tricks and/or habit changes before you find your own winner. Don’t get discouraged. Start experimenting. Try to increase your stamina and give your partner the best toe-curling orgasm with sex toys for men and women. Just keep at it until you find what works for you. Happy exploring!


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