You and Your G-Spot: How to Pick the Perfect Toy

Travel three inches inside the vaginal canal and you’ll encounter some soft, sensitive, and spongy tissue. This magical realm of wonder is what’s commonly called ‘the G-spot.’ Stimulating this highly sensitive area takes a certain amount of care and expertise. While experts on human anatomy are still unsure of what makes this area so pleasurable, everyone can agree that it provides a plethora of delight. Finding the right toy to accentuate the act of self-love can sometimes be difficult, so we’ve complied a quick guide of what to look for. 


If you’ve ever browsed through the isle of a sex shop, you may have noticed that there’s a wide variety of toys and products. Just as various are the different types of material used to craft these instruments of pleasure. When it comes to treating your G spot properly, it’s best to have a toy made from steel, stone, wood, or glass. These materials are strong enough for you to navigate your body properly and reach the intended target. 


The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. At least, that’s what they teach in geometry. The g-spot is different, and having a toy with a slight curve will allow you to reach yours with relative ease. Everyone’s body is different, so a drastic curve might work more efficiently. 

How to Get A Head 

Sex toys have a wide variety of shapes and sizes. This means that the shape of the head can drastically vary from toy to toy. Not to worry, here’s a rundown of the head variations. 

  • Realistic A realistic head is ideal for gentle g-spot stimulation. For level play, it’s more than effective. 
  • Curved While a curved head can afford you the control and flexibility you want, a poorly shaped curve can miss the g-spot entirely. 
  • Flat Toys with a flat head are tailor-made to stimulate the g-spot and not much else. While they’re adept at providing pleasure, they also have trouble penetrating deep. 
  • Round Much like the flat head, a round head can stimulate the g-spot, but that’s the limit of its capabilities. This head can be very stimulating and isn’t recommended for first time users. 

Vibrating Toys

“To shake, or not to shake. That is the question.” There’s no shortage of toys that vibrate to accentuate sexual stimulation. Everyone is different, and while some have found using a vibrator on the g-spot comforting and exhilarating, some have found it mildly unpleasant and distracting. If you already use a vibrator on your clitoris, try taking it to the nether regions and see how it makes you feel. 

Finding the Right Toy at Jack and Jill Adult 

Finding the right toy might be more difficult than finding the actual g-spot. Jack and Jill Adult offer a wide variety of toy that can become your g-spot’s new best friend. Visit our store at jackandjilladult.com for more details.

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