Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Sex Toys on Amazon

You buy nearly everything on Amazon — groceries, clothing, electronics. It makes sense you’d want to buy a sex toy while you’re browsing online, too…especially if you’re a Prime member. But there are multiple reasons why you want to think very carefully where your next toy comes from. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Here’s what you need to know.

Counterfeit Toys

Counterfeit ToysThe biggest problem with buying sex toys from Amazon is that they might not always be what they claim to be. Amazon is a third-party marketplace — not a retailer or manufacturer of sex toys (or most of the products sold through their site). Companies use the site to sell their products, and Amazon depends on the information provided by the seller. Sellers can claim anything they want, including that the Original Magic Wand they’re selling is the real thing (and on Amazon, it probably isn’t).

Even when Amazon ships products directly from their warehouse, there’s no guarantee it’s not a fake. If the barcode matches what they have in their system, to them it’s a “real” product. They don’t do a quality check to make sure. So you think you’re getting a high-end vibrator for dirt cheap when you’re really getting a counterfeit toy that won’t work the way you hope it will. If it works at all.

Fake Reviews

Amazon has long had a problem with fake reviews. From books to shoes to, yes, sex toys, sellers want to get attention to their products and reviews help do that. Some sellers will happily buy reviews if it helps their listings move up on Amazon’s results page.  Be wary of any product that has a perfect five-star rating with multiple reviews, especially with sex toys. No single sex toy is perfect for everyone, and you should expect at least one person not to love it.

Also, if reviews describe problems but there’s no feedback from the seller or a follow-up from the buyer about how it was resolved, that’s a red flag. It means that if you run into a similar problem, you probably won’t get a fix you’re happy with either.

Unsafe Materials

Unsafe MaterialsThe biggest concern about sex toys sold on Amazon, especially if they’re counterfeits or brands you’re unfamiliar with, is the likelihood the products are made of unsafe materials. They may cause irritation or leach chemicals into your body. None of that is good for you.  There are no regulations in place for sex toy materials, so you have to take a brand’s word for it. This is true even if you’re not buying from Amazon.

But when a seller on Amazon can be whoever they claim to be, say whatever they want about their company and their product, and sell counterfeits, there’s no way to really know if they’re using safe materials, either.  Before you buy, check the return policy. That way if the toy made of “body-safe silicone” smells like rubber to you, you can send it back. Don’t be surprised if fake sellers don’t allow for returns, though.

No Recourse When Something Goes Wrong

Because anyone can claim to be a brand or to sell “legitimate” sex toys on Amazon, the real frustration begins when you experience a problem. Maybe you didn’t get what was pictured. Your toy won’t turn on. It smells funny. It died after the second use. Reputable brands will fix these problems once you contact them. Most Amazon sellers probably won’t — especially if the product is super cheap and shipped from overseas.

These toys don’t usually include a warranty. And if you bought a counterfeit, you’ll find that the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t apply — yes, even if you thought you were buying the real thing. Not only are you out the cash you spent, but you also don’t have a working toy and no way to get one without spending more money.


Are there legitimate sex toy sellers on Amazon? Yes. And it can seem more convenient to just buy everything in one place, especially when you get free shipping. But you want to be careful about what you put on, in, or near your body, too. It’s always better to buy from a sex toy retailer with a clear return policy, contact information for problems, and staff who can help you if there’s a problem. Yes, you’ll pay more for your sex toy, but you’ll also get exactly what you expect to receive, too.

What’s been your worst purchase from Amazon (not just sex toys)? Let us know down in the comments below!

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