Why You Should Still Masturbate When You’re in a Relationship

From a young age, many people are taught to view masturbation as a shameful act. On the contrary, getting yourself off is one of the healthiest things we can do for our sexual (and mental) health.

It’s a great way to feel more in-tune with our bodies and discover what we like and dislike in regard to our intimate relationships with partners and spouses.

Masturbation as a stress-reliever

When we masturbate and come, our brain is flooded with feel-good chemicals, namely oxytocin. This allows us to feel happy, content and more connected to ourselves.

Many men are turned on by the idea of their partner using women’s vibrators, so it’s okay to get creative with dirty texts or video calls when they can’t be with us.

In the same vein, solo play is crucial to the overall well being of long distance relationships or partnerships wherein the couple has varying sex drives.

To masturbate is to teach

Sexual communication can be challenging, for example, how do we tell our partner that we don’t like it when they do X, Y or Z?

When we masturbate, it allows us to explore our own bodies to know what feels good. It then allows us to show rather than tell.

Consider the following scenario: A husband loves going down on his wife, but doesn’t quite hit the right spot. Rather than the wife telling him awkwardly, “I love you, but it’s just not working tonight,” wouldn’t it be sexier and more productive to say, “Oh my God, I love it over here” while demonstrating the exact location?

When masturbation becomes a problem

When we notice our partner becoming disinterested in sex, it’s time for a serious discussion about their masturbation habits (if, of course, we know they are masturbating regularly). Some men and women become addicted to sexual self-care to the degree that they need more stimulation to get off with a partner than before.

Men can also experience what’s known as the masturbation “death grip” at which point regular penis-in-vagina sex doesn’t feel as good. Sometimes it’s helpful to abstain from masturbation altogether for a time, in order to return to a lower baseline for arousal.

Jack and Jill

Playing with oneself is a normal part of any healthy relationship and should not detract from the physical and emotional bond we have with our partner. There are just as many masturbation toys for men as there are for women, proving that sexual satisfaction is an inherent need, not a dirty secret.

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