Why You Should Always Read the Instructions for Your Sex Toy

Maybe not every sex toy requires you to read the instructions. If this is your fifth dildo and it has no batteries, you’re probably fine. If all you buy are stretchy penis rings, by now you know how it works. But if you’re buying a new sex toy you’ve never used or one that’s even slightly different than past purchases, it’s a good idea to read the instruction manual before you get started. Here’s why.

Learn What the Buttons Do

Learn What the Buttons DoWhen you get a new vibrator or other battery-operated sex toy, you may want to pull it out of the package and use it right away. (Pro tip: clean it first!) If this is you, you also likely know the frustration of pushing buttons and nothing good happening. In the instructions, you should see a diagram showing you what each button does. Use that information to play around with the buttons or remote before you get naked to use your new sex toy. You’ll reduce your annoyance and increase the likelihood of enjoying your new toy.

Find Out How to Clean It

All sex toys need to be cleaned but how you clean it depends on the material of your sex toy. Some only need soap and water. Others can be boiled or thrown in the dishwasher. Don’t automatically assume you know how to clean a new-to-you sex toy. If it has a motor, it can’t be boiled or go in the dishwasher even if it’s made of the proper material. Other toys may do better with a sex toy cleaner or soap and water. Since you need to clean a sex toy before you use it for the first time, check the instructions to make sure you do it right. The last thing you want to do is ruin a new toy before you use it because you cleaned it improperly.

Figure Out How to Charge It

Figure Out How to Charge ItSome toys use magnetic connections for USB cord. Others have a proprietary port that won’t match any other toy you use. Many toys that use batteries don’t include them. Other sex toys have the battery inside but those batteries may not be replaceable. That means once they die, you throw away the toy and get a new one. And still others use non-standard batteries that you might not have in your home. If you want to keep using this sex toy long into the future, make sure you know how to keep it powered up.


Especially for sex toys that have a motor — think vibrators, vibrating penis rings, prostate massagers, and more — all kinds of things can go wrong. If you’ve read through your instruction manual, you’ll see what, if any, troubleshooting suggestions are included. This is more common with luxury sex toys than the lower priced options, but it’s good information to have. If your toy begins to act up or do weird things, don’t panic. Check your instruction manual for ways to troubleshoot the problem.

Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

This definitely isn’t standard in every sex toy instruction manual, but some companies really do want to help you have a better experience with their product. Some manufacturers even include ideas for how to enjoy their toy, as well as tips and tricks to have a better experience in the manual. What they suggest might not be something you’ve done before, or it may not be something you enjoy. But these ideas give you something new to try and a way to explore sexual pleasure.


We know not every sex toy includes an instruction manual (though they should!). But when you open a box or package and see that little booklet, don’t throw it to the side or ignore it. There might be valuable information you need in it — from how to turn your sex toy on to how to get off using it. A quick glance through it could help you have more fun with your sex toy or help it last longer. Also, the warranty information will likely be in that manual, and you’ll definitely want that if your new sex toy dies too soon.

Do you usually read the instructions for your sex toys or do you ignore them? Let us know in the comments below!

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