Why You Can and Should Wear Sexy Lingerie for Yourself

When you think of sexy lingerie, you might imagine a sheer, lacy thing that gets put on for a few minutes and then lies in a puddle of fabric on the floor once it’s time to get naked. That’s not a bad way to enjoy a little fun with a partner. But it’s not the only way sexy lingerie for women or men has to be enjoyed.

While you don’t have to wear sexy underwear in order to turn on your partner, you also don’t have to wear it just for sex, either. Put it on before a date or while you watch Netflix at home. Slip into something sheer because you love the look on your partner’s face or because you like having your own sexy secret. Ultimately, you can and should wear lingerie that makes you feel sexy and desirable because you want to and because it makes you feel good.

Wear It Because You Look Good

Have you ever put on a piece of clothing, thought you looked good, and then second guessed yourself? The first glance in the mirror makes you think, “Damn, I look smokin’!” but it’s that second look when you think, “Maybe not…” Ignore the second thought. Whether you’re alone, wearing your sexy underwear under your work clothes, or getting ready for a date, wear it because you know you look good.

Strut around the bedroom or living room in something sheer. Sit in that office meeting knowing exactly what’s under your pants or skirt. Decide later if your date has earned the privilege to see what sexy thing you’re wearing. Don’t worry about the mean voices in your head – you look good in your lingerie. Trust that first thought.

You Can Boost Your Own Confidence

The more you do things that make you feel good – like wearing your sexy lingerie because you can – the more confidence you’ll feel. Every time you shut down that mean voice in your head that says wearing sexy panties or stockings and garters is “ridiculous” you learn to ignore those doubting thoughts. It seems silly but telling yourself you look good or you’re sexy, even when you don’t believe it yet, can help make you believe it. The saying is Fake it ‘til you make it for a reason.

When you feel sexy (or you’re pretending to), you walk a little differently. You make eye contact with people. You’re probably going to smile or talk to people more. All of these things help build confidence and self esteem, too. Only you’ll know that you’re getting a boost from the nylons or satin under your clothing.

You Turn Yourself On

Ever caught yourself in the mirror and thought, “Daaaaaamn…” If not, go hang out in the mirror a little more. Or add something sheer or sexy and then check yourself out from all angles. You don’t need a partner drooling over you to wear some pretty panties or a hot corset. All you need to do is like what you see.

Take some sexy selfies. Let one of your fantasies play through your head as you masturbate. Watch porn and pull out a vibrator as you undo a few laces or ties on your lingerie. What you’re wearing doesn’t have to be a bit player in the moment, it can be the main feature. Yes, even when it’s just you and your hand.

Wear It Because You Like It

Ultimately, the only reason you should wear sexy lingerie is because you like wearing it. You shouldn’t feel pressured to select a certain style or match your bra and panties. When you genuinely love the underwear, teddy, corset, or stockings you’re in, it shines through. And it doesn’t matter if anyone else thinks you “shouldn’t” wear it because of your size or age or that certain styles aren’t “okay” for specific people. None of that matters.

When someone jokes that sexy lingerie is a waste because it ends up on the floor too fast, let that roll off your back. You know why you slip your foot into that nylon and clip that garter around your thigh. You don’t have to justify your love of gorgeous underwear, fishnets, babydolls, or any thing else. Wear it because you like it.


If you’ve got a love of sexy, soft, sheer, or satiny lingerie on your body, don’t ever apologize for it. Maybe you wear it to turn your partner on or maybe you wear it to make yourself feel good. What matters most is that you do it because you want to. Visit an adult lingerie store and look for lingerie that looks pretty, sexy, or interesting to you and enjoy every minute of it. You deserve it!

Do you ever wear lingerie just because you like it? Will you now? Let us know down in the comments!

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