Why Vibrators Aren’t Just for Women

Guys, lean in on this one. If you think that vibrators from the Original Magic Wand to some slimline pink thing are only for women, whether for your partner or single women, think again. When applied to the right spot with the right amount of buzzing, a vibrator can blow you away. For anyone out there who’s done it, but won’t admit it, you’re not alone in pressing your partner’s vibe against your junk and enjoying the sensation. Instead of pretending you don’t, maybe it’s time to embrace the buzz. Vibrators aren’t for any specific gender and can be used by anyone who wants to add some sizzle to your solo or partnered sex.

Vibrations Feel Good

Vibrations Feel GoodLet’s get this one over and done. For the vast majority of people, vibrations on your most sensitive bits feel good. Not every vibrator works for every person, and it can take time to find what you like. When you do find it, it’s worth the effort. If you’ve been jacking off for more than a minute, you know which parts of your penis or testicles are really sensitive. That may or may not be the right place for vibrations. But you also know what part of your body needs a harder wank to get you going which could be perfect for a vibe. Start low and slow with a vibrator while moving it across your body to find the just right spot for you.

You Can Wrap Yourself in Vibrations

Thanks to vibrating masturbation sleeves and other fun sex toys, you can literally wrap your shaft in vibrations. Holding a vibrator against a single spot on your junk might get overwhelming and not in a good way. Cradling your junk in buzzing, tingling feel-good vibrations is a different experience entirely. You’ll probably need lube with a sleeve because no one wants chafing down there but it’ll be worth it. Many come with a remote control so you can put it on, lay back, and let the vibrations take you all the way home.

Experience Stronger, More Intense Pleasure

A tight vagina or anus feels good. The palm of your hand might be comforting. And let’s not even get started on lips, a tongue, and a bobbing head between your legs. When you’re with the right person, those sensations are pretty intense most of the time. It’s okay to want something new whether you have a partner or you’re single, though. Vibrators that hit the right spot create stronger, more intense pleasure and orgasms. Why do you think so many women have at least one vibrator and aren’t giving them up even when they have a partner? The ladies are onto something.

Your Hand Gets Boring

Anything can get boring or, at least, routine. When you’re stuck in a masturbation or sex rut, a vibrator adds something new. You know the vibrating penis ring you like that stimulates both of you? Turn it around so that the vibe is against your balls. Stroke the head of your penis while holding a vibe against your shaft. Put a small vibe against your perineum (also known as your taint) while you jack off or get a blow job. What do all these ideas have in common? None of them is your average, every day way to get off and all include vibrations.

Prostate Massage is a Thing

Prostate Massage is a ThingOf course, in prostate massage, you could use your finger and tap at your p-spot like other people tap on a g-spot. But if that’s not enough or you really don’t feel like sticking your finger up your butt, prostate massage vibrators help you out. Some are small at the tip, great if you’re new to butt stuff. Others look like a cross between a butt plug and a g-spot vibrator. Which makes sense because that’s essentially what a prostate massager is. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, though. All that matters is how it makes you feel. Since prostate stimulation can lead to bigger and better orgasms, and even multiple orgasms, it’s definitely worth considering.


There’s nothing gender specific about sexual pleasure. So why should the sex toys that make us feel good be just for women or just for men, either? Vibrators come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and prices. Finding the perfect one for you requires a bit of the Goldilocks treatment. You’ve got to find a vibrator that’s just right for you. Here at Jack and Jill, we carry a wide assortment of vibrators because we know that everyone needs something a little different. When you’re ready to take your pleasure and your orgasms to a new level, it might be time to finally try a vibrator and find out exactly why women love them so much.

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Infographic on why men can and should enjoy vibrators

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