What Is A Foot Fetish?

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Everyone has that one thing that gets them off. For some people, its adventurous role play. Others like watching their partners get intimate with someone else. Being able to express your desires with your sexual partner or partners is so important, even if you don’t act on them. And there’s one kink that’s rarely spoken about but studies would suggest it’s incredibly common.

Many studies have ranked foot fetishes as one of the top ten kinks with plenty of people expressing a sexual desire towards foot play. But foot fetishes are so much more than what the mainstream stereotypes.

What Is A Foot Fetish?

What Is A Foot Fetish?When talking about kinks, it’s very likely that you’ve heard of foot fetishes. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, foot fetish or podophilia is the most common sexual fetish. It can manifest in different ways but it’s basically a sexual attraction to feet. You may be interested in playing with other people’s feet or having someone play with your feet. Foot fetishes can involve interest in massaging, kissing, and touching someone’s feet.

Speaking about foot fetishes to Allure a New York City-based pro-domme Goddess Aviva explained, “On the gentler side, perhaps your partner enjoys kissing or massaging your feet, and on the more extreme side, you have foot-gagging, stinky foot worship, and trampling.”

Like so many sexual fantasies, foot fetishes aren’t black and white, and often people’s attraction to feet lands on a spectrum. While some people may have a mild interest in kissing someone else’s feet, other people may only be interested in sex if it involves feet.

How To Explore Foot Fetishes

There’s no conclusive reason as to why some people are sexually aroused by feet. In Men’s Health, sex therapist Scott Jacobey, Ph.D. said, “Focusing on the foot is kind of an act of humility — like, I’m only good enough to touch your feet” linking foot playback to power play.

This ties into the idea of foot worship. Foot worship involves many ways of interacting with feet, including a partner who may want to massage or tickle your feet when you’re getting intimate. Foot massages feel awesome all the time but if you have a foot fetish it could also be arousing.

Some people also incorporate shoes when exploring their foot fetish. This may manifest by you licking your partner’s shoes while they’re wearing them. Similarly, you may want your partner to wear a certain type of shoe you deem sexy. You may want to swap shoes with your partner. Other’s are turned on by the way that worn sneakers smell and being asked to put them in their mouth.

Handjobs are a fairly common sexual act. However, if you have a foot fetish you may want to explore the world of footjobs. It may seem difficult to get the hang of at first but, like anything, practice makes perfect. The basic mechanics of a footjob including using the arch of your foot to hold the penis and then rub both feet up and down the shaft.

Are Foot Fetishes Taboo?

Are Foot Fetishes Taboo?By definition, anything is considered to be taboo if it isn’t accepted as the norm by society as a whole. While there aren’t too many conversations about foot fetishes going on, studies have highlighted that globally it’s one of the most popularly searched kinks online. You should always speak to your partner before trying anything new in the bedroom and consent is of paramount importance.

However, you shouldn’t feel ashamed if you’ve got a foot fetish and there’s a whole world of positions and power play to explore with a partner. You can explore the different acts associated with foot fetishes online, alone or with a partner, before trying them out for yourself.


A quick search online, and you’ll find plenty of porn catering to any foot fetish you might have. Like other kinks, as long as you enjoy it consensually with other people, it’s okay to explore and enjoy. If you get turned on by your partner’s feet or when they play with your feet, talk to them about it. You never know how kinky they might be willing to get.

Do you have a foot fetish? Have you ever had a partner who did? Is it something you’ve explored in the past? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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