What Are Ben Wa Balls and How Do They Work?

Ben Wa balls are old pleasure toys that have been around since 500 CE. Women have used them across continents and ages, both in and out of the kink community. However, it took the Fifty Shades of Grey series to bring them back to the main stage in modern times. 

Ben Wa balls are small and weighted balls meant to be inserted into the vagina. But there is so much more to this sex toy than what is presented in hot movie scenes. This guide will cover everything about Ben Wa balls, from how to use them to control bladder flow and improve sexual pleasure to how to care for them properly. 

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What Are Ben Wa Balls?

Originally from Japan, these geisha balls are insertable weights you put inside the vagina. Usually, they are a set of two balls linked together by a string. There’s also an additional string that dangles freely in some cases, which you use for easy removal. Ben Wa balls come in different sizes and weights and can be made of plastic, silicone, glass, metal, and other materials.

As you insert these balls inside your vagina, pelvic floor muscles have to work to hold them in place, making the muscles stronger over time. For this reason, many people use weighted balls to strengthen PC muscles after childbirth, for example. 

But aside from being a great training device, inserted Ben Wa balls stimulate the anterior vaginal wall filled with nerve endings. Also, both science and experience claim that a more robust pelvic floor means more powerful orgasms overall. Since exercising those muscles feels so good with the balls, Ben Wa balls are a gift that keeps on giving. 

Lelo Luna Beads

Is There Any Difference Between Kegel Balls and Ben Wa Balls?

There’s no difference between the two. However, doctors usually refer to them as Kegel balls when they recommend them to treat certain conditions. On the other hand, people looking to improve their sex life mostly call them Ben Wa balls.

Why Do People Use Them?

There are several reasons people might opt for using Ben Wa balls. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Pelvic Floor Training as a Treatment

Over time, PC muscles, otherwise known as Kegel muscles, can weaken and lead to urinary incontinence. That can happen due to obesity, childbirth, aging, or some other trauma.

But with the help of the weighted balls and Kegel exercises, you can treat such conditions and prevent unwanted urine leaks. So, if you are prone to vaginal prolapse or peeing a little when you sneeze, you might benefit from vaginal exercises with the help of Kegel balls. 

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Pelvic Floor Training to Increase Pleasure

You don’t need a medical reason to want to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles or do Kegel exercises. It can be a fun challenge, and Ben Wa balls can be of great aid. Also, although a tight vagina is not a thing, some swear by these geisha balls to help them achieve vaginal elasticity. 

In any case, strong pelvic floor muscles can improve sex for both women and their partners. For example, during heterosexual intercourse, a woman can use the said muscles to constrict around her partner, heightening his pleasure. At the same time, engaging pelvic floor muscles more will increase the blood flow in the area and make sex and orgasms more enjoyable for women. 

As A Sex Toy

You can also use Ben Wa balls just for fun. Try leaving them inside, and they will heighten awareness, cause pleasurable sensations, and finally, arousal. But they work best when combined with other sexual stimulation, like massaging your clitoris or having your partner pleasuring you orally. You also can try pulling Ben Wa balls out while you orgasm and experience an intense, release-like feeling. 

Another pro tip is to place the balls into your vagina and have the partner penetrate the anus using a penis, finger, or toy. That way, the balls will stimulate the internal part of your clitoris, and you end up with mind-blowing orgasms.

How to Use Ben Wa Balls

When you buy your first set of these vaginal weights, make sure to get some lube. As a general rule of the thumb, we use a water-based lubricant with silicone sex toys, and these balls are no exception. Next, apply the lube to your vaginal opening and make yourself comfortable. Then follow these steps:

  • Slowly insert a single ball. Kegel balls usually have a string that connects them so that you can remove them more easily. You can expect the other ball to follow the first one closely behind as you push it inside.
  • Push all the balls attached as far as they will go, making sure to leave the string out. 
  • Start doing your Kegel exercises by squeezing the muscles around the balls in reps of 15 to 20. If that seems too much or not enough, it would be best to ask your doctor to recommend the right amount of reps.
  • If you are new to the whole experience, it might be best to do the exercises for a couple of minutes and slowly increase the duration each day. For instance, you may begin with five minutes and gradually work up to ten minutes as you strengthen your PC muscles.
  • The goal is to use the balls for fifteen minutes a day. 
  • Newer versions of Ben Wa balls typically come with silicone strings that are easy to remove. However, sex shops also sell other kinds that don’t have strings (often the case with metal or glass balls). So, if it looks like you can’t reach far enough to remove them, try to relax, change the position, and use the muscles to push them out. 
Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Black Glass Ben-Wa Balls – Small

But How Far Up Should They Go?

Some experts suggest placing them as far up as you would a tampon. You want them to go deep enough to grab hold of them with your pelvic muscles and keep them from falling out. And you don’t have to worry — they won’t go farther than they are supposed to. Your cervix will stop the balls from traveling beyond your vagina.

If you can’t seem to keep them inside by any chance, and they always fall out, the balls are probably too heavy. So, try using a different weight and see if it works.

Can the Balls Fall Out as You Walk-Around?

The short answer is no. You can freely walk around with Ben Wa balls inside you without worrying about them falling out unexpectedly. Standing upright actually contracts your Kegel muscles, and you will find it easier to withstand the weight of the balls. Walking with Kegel balls can even help you strengthen the pelvic floor more quickly.

A Few Words of Caution

There are also some safety rules to be aware of. For example, you shouldn’t use Ben Wa balls for more than four hours a day. If you leave them inside your vagina for too long, you can stress your pelvic floor muscles and put too much pressure on your urethra. So, don’t forget to relax those muscles after taking the balls out, just like you would any other group of muscles after a workout. 

As mentioned above, it would be best to start wearing Ben Wa balls for a few minutes at a time and work your way up to longer training sessions. But if at any moment you notice unusual discharge, discomfort, or pain, immediately stop using the toy and contact your doctor. 

Next, avoid them during pregnancy or while still recovering from childbirth. That can be dangerous to your health, and you risk miscarriage or seriously damaging your sensitive vaginal walls and tissue.

Also, please be careful to buy Ben Wa balls only from trusted sources, like Jack and Jill, that offer only high-quality toys. That way, you will avoid cheap, porous materials that can cause infections and damage your health. 

Safety Tips For Ben Wa Balls [Infographic]

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using Ben Wa Balls? 

The most common drawbacks include discomfort and infections. For example, it might be difficult for some ladies to sit with the Ben Wa balls. Also, hygiene can become a problem because if you don’t wash the balls correctly, they can cause severe vaginal infections. 

How Are Ben Wa Balls and Anal Beads Different?

Anal beads are a classic sex toy both men and women can use. They consist of many small balls attached together to form a row. You can insert and remove them from your rectum for pleasure. 

On the other hand, only people with vaginas can safely use Ben Wa balls. Also, they should never go inside your anus because they can travel too far into your colon. 

Does Material Have an Impact on the Overall Experience?

The kind of material your Kegel balls consist of will influence the overall experience. So, you should opt for nonporous materials like glass or metal (usually stainless steel) if possible. However, such balls are also heavier than the plastic ones and thus more challenging to hold in.

How to Care For and Clean Your Ben Wa Balls

If you want to preserve your sexual health and avoid potentially painful infections, you should carefully clean your sex toys. You can clean them with a toy cleaner like Jack and Jill’s Natures Play Foaming Toy Cleaner or wash your Kegel balls with warm water and antibacterial soap. Perhaps use vagina-friendly, fragrance-free soaps. 

Furthermore, if the balls are made of Pyrex, stainless steel, or silicone, you might even be able to put them on the top rack of your dishwasher. In any case, make sure to consult the instructions you got with your Ben Wa balls.

The Best Ben Wa Balls You Can Try

Are you thinking about giving Ben Wa balls a try? If so, you should be careful because there are a lot of toys of questionable quality on the market. Therefore, it would be best to stick to those that Jack and Jill already tried and tested. Here are our top suggestions. 

Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Metal Pleasure Balls

Are you into the whole Christian and Ana chemistry? If so, these Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired balls will be a perfect choice. These cuties have a string for easy removal, which is handy if you are a novice.

Impulse Intimate Estim Remote Dual Kegel Exerciser — Blue

We highly recommend these remote control Ben Wa balls for those with more experience in the field. They will tease and tingle your internal hot spots and tone your pleasure muscles for the most amazing orgasms ever.

Impulse Intimate E-Stimulator Remote Kegel Exerciser

A good workout and extreme pleasure are both wrapped up in this intimate e-stimulator. It comes with seven vibrating functions and five electro-stim pads so you can play with different sensations ranging in intensity. 

Blush Wellness Kegel Training Kit — Purple

What makes this kit so unique is that it offers different weights. Therefore, you can experiment and find which ones feel the best. 

LELO Luna Beads — Pink & Blue

Some of the most popular weighted balls are LELO Luna Beads. They come in two sets of weights you can mix and match for maximum pleasure. 

We-Vibe Bloom — Coral

Make Kegel exercises more fun with these progressive weights. Aside from the usual benefits, they also offer you an option to use an app to customize vibration and intensity. 

Final Thoughts

Purchasing quality Ben Wa Balls might be one of the best sex toy investments. They will bring you countless hours of pleasure, but they will also help you exercise your pelvic floor muscles. Strengthening your PC muscles means more powerful orgasms, fewer health issues, and better pelvic support later in life. 

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