Understanding Vampire Kinks and How to Practice Them

Vampires are undeniably sexy. Thankfully, our favorite vampires always get a bit of extra kinky play around Halloween each year. This makes sense because vampires intersect with a lot of subgroups of BDSM and they allow for a lot of imagination and creativity in roleplay scenarios.

There is no set standard for vampire lore and the iterations are endless. A whole spectrum of people are into vampires from Victorian enthusiasts to pop culture loves. However, just like any other BDSM or roleplay scenario, consent is essential.

Let’s take a look at some of the intersections between vampires and sex and see how you might be able to incorporate some into your kinky sex life.

Dominance and Submission

Dominance and SubmissionIn some lore, vampires often take control of their victims through hypnosis, making them the perfect subject for dominance and submissive role play.

Annie Lord writes in an article for Vice’s i-D, “Somehow vampires are not only easy on the old retinas but actually function as the erotic sum of societies’ nastiest fantasies. As figures of abject horror, the vampire personifies taboo. We project all that is condemned upon them so they become emblems of moral decay, perfect to pull us into the world of pain and pleasure, kink and S&M.”

They want to seduce their subjects but also to have them come willingly. This plays directly into the kinks of dominance and submission commonly seen in the BDSM world.

The closeness and control exerted over vampires in their subjects make for an iconic pose. (Not to mention, highly powerful prose like that in the 1871 erotic lesbian novel Carmilla.)

If you want to engage in this kind of vampire fantasy, have a detailed discussion with your partner about what you want. Practice a little bit, and be sure to talk about your personal boundaries and limits. Once you’ve done that, you can set your scene. You have plenty of choices including candles and wax, costumes, or some type of blood play. (More on that in a bit.)


Movies and television shows make the vampire bite appear very erotic. There’s a closeness to it, but also some sensation play with pain, seductive touch, and sensual caresses as the vampire bites their victim’s neck.

Cosmopolitan recommends a position called The Vampire’s Kiss on their list of Halloween sex positions that focuses on the neck, among other erogenous zones.

In a guide on how to have vampire sex, Korrin Miller writes, “[The neck] is super sensitive, and it feels crazy good when it’s stimulated. Tilt your guy’s head to the slide a little, graze his neck with your fingernails, and then follow with your tongue.”

Biting itself can be seen as taboo, but many people enjoy degrees of biting and a mix of pain and pleasure that comes with it.

Blood Play

BloodplayWe are all familiar with Dracula saying, “I want to suck your blood!” But where exactly does blood come into play with a vampire fetish and are the two ideas mutually inclusive?

The short answer is no.

Vampirism and blood play are two fetishes that have a lot in common, but they aren’t necessarily mutually inclusive. If the idea of blood freaks you out, you don’t need to try it.

And if you are thinking about trying blood play, then you should take some precautions to be safe. You are going to be cutting flesh and that can be dangerous, so you should know the risks and engage with it consensually, a practice known as risk-aware consensual kink (RACK).

Healthline recommends taking steps like seeking out training, getting tested, and properly sterilizing your instruments. While playing, it’s important to clean your cut sites, draw blood from safer sites, and clean up cuts later.

This particular kink also shouldn’t be practiced by anyone with a clotting disorder, on blood thinners, or those with a history of self-harm.

Blood isn’t necessary for a vampire fantasy, but if you still want the look of blood you can try some blood alternatives, including some that are edible.


There are a variety of fetishes and kinks that can be explored through vampirism. The important thing is to make sure that you and your partner have strong communication so that you both enjoy your planned fantasy.

Do vampires turn you on? Have you ever experienced the types of vampire play mentioned above or do you play in another way? Feel free to share your experiences with us down in the comments!

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