Tryst Black Multi-Erogenous Massager Review

Why opt for a single-function vibrator when you can use a massager for endless opportunities for pleasure? The Tryst Black Multi-Erogenous Massager allows for multiple vibration patterns to be used nearly anywhere on the body (yes, both his and hers). Thinking of making your next investment in a couples vibrator? This one is worth a look.

Tryst Black Multi-Erogenous Massager Product Features

It’s difficult to find a quality vibrator for men and women alike—not because they don’t exist, but because they’re not always comfortable for simultaneous use. The Tryst Multi-Erogenous Zone Massager has rectified many issues others have experienced with similar vibrators by featuring:

  • Seven different vibration, escalation and pulsation functions
  • Whisper-quiet activation so you can keep your most intimate moments private
  • Double arms and a base that can be controlled independently
  • Silky smooth silicone that bends at the arms yet stays firm enough for penetration
  • 90 minutes of power from a single charge
  • Easy charging with USB connection (no batteries needed)

How It Works

There are endless possibilities for pleasure with the Tryst Massager and exploring is half the fun…


1. Have your partner wear the massager around his penis for soft vibrations as he stimulates your clit with the arm.

2. Engage in sexy foreplay as your partner lightly drags one arm over the nipples (get them a little wet first for added sensations) before moving down to the clit.

3. Switch off and use this couples sex toy during oral. Direct pressure will feel great on his balls or her clit as you work your magic with your tongue. Too intense? Adjust intensity or speed.

4. Use the massager to stimulate his prostate, first teasing his anus with the base of the toy. Don’t forget the lube—water-based only for this silicone product.

Solo Masturbation

1. Squeeze the arms together to “hug” the clit to receive pulsating pleasure on either side. Start first with your nipples to warm yourself up for more intense vibrations below.

2. Insert for direct G-spot pressure, taking your time to get deep by using shallow thrusts at the entrance of the vagina.

3. Take it into the bathtub for a sexy and relaxing time. The Tryst Massager is fully waterproof.

4. Stroke your shaft with the broad base of the toy or explore your balls and perineum with pinpointed vibrations from the arms.

5. Give yourself a prostate orgasm! The Tryst is ideal for first-time use with its smooth ergonomic design that will allow you to explore yourself safely.

You’re a button click away from your next orgasm with the Tryst Multi-Erogenous Massager from Jack and Jill. Activate the arms by tapping the top button and the base by tapping the bottom. Once it’s turned on, you’re bound to follow suit.

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