Try These 6 Styles of Lingerie to Find Your Sexy Fit

Sexy lingerie is meant to enhance your pleasure and your partner’s. It’s supposed to make you so irresistible that your partner can’t help but rip it off or unwrap you like a present. Lingerie shouldn’t be a source of stress, not when it’s purpose is pleasure. But for many people, it is. The pleasure is lost as you worry whether you look fat, stupid, or silly.

Part of what you need is more body confidence. Paying attention to your partner’s appreciative look when you wear lingerie certainly helps. But the other thing you need is the right type of lingerie for your personal style that fits the body you have – not the body you wish you had.

Instead of picking the first sheer thing that comes in your favorite color, it’s good to understand what your sexy lingerie options are. Once you do, you’ll have better luck finding what fits your body and your personal style.

Babydolls and Slips

Probably one of the most common types of sexy lingerie available, babydolls and slips are often sheer, satiny pieces of clothing that skim the top of your hips and barely cover your breasts. They may be open at the stomach or completely cover your torso. They can be form-fitting or loose, and they’re available in nearly any color you can imagine – not just black, red, and white. Pair them with stockings, a garter belt, and heels for one look. Or go barefoot and sweet for a more innocent look.


Bodystocking take pantyhose and stockings to a new level. Instead of stopping at your waist, you’ll pull them up over your torso and arms. It’s one stretchy piece of material that operates as a full outfit. Like stockings, they can be sheer, opaque, or fishnet. Not all bodystockings are black so look for a color you love. You can also find crotchless options which allows you to have sexy fun without taking anything off.

Bra and Panty Set

Bra and panty sets aren’t uncommon or new to most people. Most women wear one every day. There’s a difference between wearing something under your work clothes or out to lunch with friends and wearing something meant to make your partner drool. Make sure your bra fits well – no gaping holes in the cups if you can avoid it. Pick a color you love from dark to light. Push-up bras are most commonly worn but where what you think is sexy. Add a seductive touch with stockings and heels or a men’s button down shirt – or both.


Spend any time looking images of BDSM erotica, and someone is probably wearing a corset. You don’t have to be kinky to enjoy them, of course, but if it inspires you to get kinky, go for it. Corsets come in a variety of colors and may lace up in the back or zip up in the front. They shape your torso into the classic hourglass look, pinching in at your waist and accentuating your breasts. You can also find the style that fits under your breasts leaving your exposed for any number of delightfully sexy or kinky things.


Many people use the term “teddy” when they mean slip or babydoll. The teddy is a completely different style. Teddies are similar to bodysuits or one-piece swimsuits but sexier. You put your legs in each leg hole and pull it up over your torso and arms to put it on. Unlike bodysuits, teddies are looser and less form fitting. They can be sheer or opaque and are available in a variety of colors.


We’re not referring to basic panties that you wear to work or the gym. Yes, your everyday panties can be sexy, and if they make you feel sexy, wear them whenever you’d like. But if you want to take your sexy lingerie to a new level, you’ve got two other options: crotchless panties and vibrating panties. Crotchless give you or your partner easy access to your vulva which is often a lot of fun. Vibrating panties allow you to get a little sexy or kinky in public as your partner drives you wild with teasing pleasure.


It doesn’t matter what kind of sexy lingerie you wear as long as you feel good about yourself. You may have to fake it until you make it at first, but you’re worth the effort. Finding the lingerie that you love to wear and take off with your partner is fun and exciting. Don’t let bad fits or styles make you think you’re not gorgeous or sexy. And don’t believe that sexy lingerie is only for some people. Here at Jack and Jill, we believe anyone who wants to wear sexy lingerie should. That’s why we offer a variety of styles and sizes so you can find the perfect sexy fit for you.

Do you have a favorite style of lingerie? Let us know down in the comments!

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