Trick AND Treat: Halloween Lingerie and Sex Toys

Halloween Lingerie Sets Dress Up Costumes


It’s Halloween season and zombies, vampires and all manner of ghosts and ghouls are afoot! It’s simply too spooky to be going out after dark. Whatever will you and your partner do with all that time together, boarded up inside with only candles and each other’s warmth to ward off the ever-encroaching night? 

You’re gonna get it on so hard that all the wayward creaks and moans will convince the neighbors they live next door to a haunted house, that’s what! This Halloween, treat yourselves to sexy costume lingerie to brew up a night (or two or three) of unforgettable bedroom fun.


Halloween Lingerie to Sweeten Up Sexy-Time

Is it really Halloween if you don’t get into a costume at some point? Unlike a giant inflatable T-rex suit, however, the costume lingerie we’ll be suggesting can be brought out any time of year for role play or just as a fun surprise for when your partner gets home from work. We’ve got all the classic sexy Halloween lingerie ensembles needed to really get you both howling. 


The Teacher

Try out one of the most popular role play fantasies this Halloween with preppy schoolgirl costume lingerie that’ll get your partner more excited than trick-or-treating in that rich neighborhood where they give out full-size candy bars (you know the one). Try out the classic Teacher’s Pet Black Tie-Up Top ! The combination of a low-cut top, short skirt and thigh-high set is sure to score you some sweetness in the bedroom on Halloween and beyond!


The French Maid

 A French maid costume is one set of Halloween lingerie that’s sure to have your partner saying “sacré bleu”! The French Maid Babydoll is a fantastic option that comes with a headpiece to top off this sexy, signature look. Try surprising your partner by feather dusting away some spiderwebs in hard-to-reach corners when they walk in the door. 


The Nurse

 Need somebody to take care of that vampire bite on your neck? The nurse would be happy to take a good, close look at it. The Naughty Nurse 3pc Teddy Set is a smolderingly sexy option for a hot Halloween in the bedroom. Be sure to give your partner a very thorough exam when you don these scandalous scrubs — you could even break out the latex gloves to give them an extra-special prostate exam. Just…make sure they’re ready for it, otherwise you might give them a different kind of Halloween fright. 


The Cop

Looks like you loitered in the cemetery a little too long — you’re under arrest! And this sultry officer has some extra special ideas for doling out your punishment. The Stop Traffic 2pc Teddy Set is an authoritative costume that’s anything but innocent. Putting on this uniform is a surefire way to show a partner who’s boss any time of the year.


The Bunny/Kitten


Black cats are considered bad luck — unless they’re part of a sexy Halloween lingerie costume. Transform into a truly divine feline with the Tailz Black Cat Tail Anal Plug & Mask Set & Tail set, which features tantalizing lace details and a choker-style fit that highlights all your best assets. 

And who can resist a frisky rabbit? Put on your favorite lingerie piece with our black and pink Bunny Tails Mini to instantly embody the spirit of the most playful playboy bunny. With this ensemble, your partner won’t be able to resist when you hop into their lap for some affection.


Halloween Lingerie + Sexy Extras = The Ultimate Love Spell

Having sexy costume lingerie for Halloween is a great way to get any monster mash started, but there are plenty of other add-ons that can enhance the experience even more. 


Flavored Lubes



Oral sex is already amazing, but adding flavored lubricant to the mix will make you want to suck on your partner’s candy all night long — and you don’t even have to knock on a stranger’s door to get it. We carry great flavors like mint, French vanilla, watermelon and more. Try out BJ Blast to give your head an extra element of fizzing fun. Looking for more suggestions? Check out our blog post on flavored lube


Glow-in-the-Dark Toys


Glow-In-The-Dark Dildo in Blue


Just because the night is dark doesn’t mean your sex toys have to be! We carry several glow-in-the-dark dildos and vibrators that will stimulate your senses in more ways than one. Want a little extra Halloween fun? Get a Glow-In-The-Dark Dildo in Purple for a deviously detailed and shaped vibrator to deliver maximum pleasure.


Monster Dildos/Vibrators



It’s Halloween — why not indulge in your freakiest of fantasies? There are monster-inspired dildos and vibrators shaped like everything from dragons to tentacles for tapping into all your pleasure points. Try out the  Firefly Smooth Glow In The Dark for unique textures that are sure to leave an extra-hot impression. 




3-in-1 Candle Trio Gift Bag 2oz/60g in Suntouched


Candles aren’t just for jack-o’-lanterns on this All Hallow’s Eve. Make the atmosphere of your bedroom as sexy as your costume lingerie with scented massage candles. You can even pick edible options for an especially sweet and sensual treat. 


Candy Accessories

Is it really Halloween if you don’t have candy at some point? You can find all kinds of sugary treats in our adult candy section, from flavored lubes to tingle balm. You can even make candy part of your Halloween lingerie ensemble with our Glow In The Dark pasties and candy cuffs. More candy? Try our Strawberry BJ Blast to add some pops and cracks to the oral play. You’re already a snack — make yourself a sweet one.


Find the Perfect Halloween Lingerie Ensemble at PinkCherry

With sexy role play lingerie from PinkCherry, you won’t need to brew up an aphrodisiac potion to ensnare your lover — you’ll be bewitching enough on your own. Expand your boo-doir with our Halloween collection today!

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