Traveling with Sex Toys

Planning a trip, but don’t want to leave your sex toys behind? If so, follow these tips for traveling with sex toys:

The first thing to think about when traveling with sex toys is thinking about what toys to bring. If you only have one toy, this isn’t as much of a concern. However, if you have several toys designed for several different uses, you want to take these things into consideration. Do you want to bring something you can use by yourself or with a partner? Are you interested in a sex toy that involves penetration or exterior stimulation? What about vaginal or anal use? Does the toy you want to bring require lube? Consider these things when picking sex toys to pack in your bag. 

If you’re flying to your destination, the next question to ask yourself is if you should check your bag or not. You can either put your sex toys in your carry on or you can check them. If you put the toys in your carry on, a TSA agent will go through your bag in front of you and inspect your belongings. If you’re not embarrassed by watching a TSA agent do this, no problem. Keep in mind that your TSA agent will either be just as embarrassed as you or unfazed when coming into contact with your toys. If you choose to check your bag, it will be inspected in a more private setting.

When packing your toy in your luggage, consider using a toy travel bag. These bags are TSA-compliant and suitable for keeping your toys safe and clean. When it comes time to use your toy during your travels, make sure you’ve probably sanitized it, especially if you did not put it in a bag. Additionally, be sure to clean your toy after use before storing it away. If you use water or a cleansing solution to clean your toy, let it completely dry before putting it back into your suitcase.

These tips can make traveling with sex toys a breeze. To shop for sex toys, visit a Jack and Jill Adult location or browse our inventory online.

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