Top Selling Sex Toys for Gay Men

Take one trip to the adult store or go online and you’ll find a wide variety of sex toys available. However, these sex toys are often aimed at women or straight couples, not gay men. Depending on what city you live in, you might not even have an adult shop that serves the gay community.

That’s why we think you’ll love our top-selling sex toys for gay men from Jack and Jill. No matter what you like doing in the bedroom, we’ve got something so everybody can hit that checkbox on their list.

Keep reading to learn more about everything we offer to help you have a rollicking good time alone or with a partner.

P Motion Silicone Rechargeable Prostate Probe Massager

Many men know that the prostate is an area that can produce extreme sensations of pleasure when properly stimulated. While toys like dildos can work well, the P Motion Silicone Rechargeable Prostate Probe Massager does an incredible job of stimulating the area and bringing out all of the pleasure possible.

Made from black, body-safe silicone, this unique prostate massager works to actually vibrate and stimulate all of that sensitive body part. Best of all, it’s rechargeable, so you won’t have to rush out and stock up on batteries whenever you want to use it.

Designed to be the perfect width and length, this 1.50-inch wide and 5-inch long toy is just right to hit that sensitive spot. Whether you’re a beginner when it comes to prostate play, or you’re more familiar with the sensations your prostate can produce, this is absolutely one of the best sex toys on the market.

C-Sling Penis Ring

Most guys who have used sex toys before know all about penis rings and how they can help improve the quality of an erection and make you feel bigger and fuller. Penis rings can also help you last longer in bed when used the right way.

The C-Sling ring is a different sort of toy though. Designed to stimulate the prostate with a small black silicone sling, this unique toy does some serious double duty. Even guys inexperienced with prostate play will enjoy the gentle sensations the C-Sling produces.

Once you try the C-Sling you won’t want to go back to regular penis rings ever again.

Moist Water Based Anal Lube

Whether you enjoy anal sex with a partner or you’re just looking to use toys on your own, a good lubricant is a must-have if you’re going to engage in any sort of anal play. However, lots of the ones you find at drug stores, and even sex shops, aren’t particularly great.

Moist Water Based Anal Lube comes in a bottle with a pump, making it easy to use from the start. That pump also means that you can easily access more lubricant if you need it – even when your hands are messy.

Designed to have a silky, smooth feel and be non-irritating even after prolonged use, Moist Water-Based Anal Lube is one of the best on the market. Try it and you might never buy that regular drug store lubricant again!

Jack and Jill

Visit Jack and Jill to learn more about all of the top-selling sex toys for men. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or for play with a partner, Jack and Jill has a wide variety of toys, accessories, and essentials like lubricants that you’ll love.

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