Top 10 Undesirable Sex Positions

There are so many positions you can choose from when having sex. Depending on how adventurous you are, some are more enjoyable than others. Experimenting with different positions can help you learn what turns you and your partner on the most. When you are looking to try something new, keep in mind the following 10 positions to avoid having sex in.

Shower sex

While it may seem appealing in movies, in real life shower sex can be more inconvenient than sexy. You may find that you can’t get properly turned on when you have hot, soapy water on your head, in your eyes, mouth and other parts of your body you’d rather not get soapy. It can also be dangerous to have shower sex because as a naturally slippery environment, one or both of you may lose your balance and get hurt; or at least get out of that shower extremely embarrassed. You may also be so focused on not falling and keeping soapy water out of your eyes that it detracts from the pleasure sex is supposed to bring you. However, if you absolutely insist on having shower sex, consider helping yourself out with a water based lubricant, since you’ll be in the water anyway.

Downward Dog

The downward dog position is also not one you want to experiment with. The physical implications of successfully using this position outweigh the intended pleasure. It puts the woman in a position where she isn’t likely to be comfortable for very long so you may find your sex session cut short as a result. Even the most flexible woman can only hold herself in this position for so long. Trying this position may find you rushing to get the job done simply because it is so physically demanding.

Floor Sex

Sure the floor is there for a reason, but that reason is not to have sex on. Whether you try to do the deed on the floor, whether it’s a hardwood floor, tile or carpeting, chances are you’ll be sacrificing your own physical comfort. Short of moving your mattress to the floor, sex on the floor is to be avoided. Making her tailbone sore only a few minutes into it does not make for a long and steamy sex session. Sure, you could use a massager to make her more comfortable, but you’ll still find that most other positions are more desirable than this one.

 Reverse Cowgirl

Sure, this position may sound appealing at first but it is not exactly conducive to pleasurable sex for her. Women need to be just in the right position to climax, and that is hard to do with this position. You two have to perfectly fit together in order for this position to be pleasurable. Many couples find that reverse cowgirl does nothing for them as it can ultimately cause harm to both of you. Like other positions, this is also one where eye contact is eliminated and while you might be OK with that your partner might not be. And the most sensitive soul may be offended by a position that makes her feel like she is being classified as a cow.


69 may be a well-loved sex position among men, but for women, it takes something away from the experience. Since women need an emotional connection to truly enjoy sex you’ll find that 69 is seen by most women as an undesirable way to make love to their man. Ideally, you want to be able to look into your partner’s eyes during sexual intercourse; yet 69 makes this impossible. While it’s great for casual sex, you and your partner may want to avoid this position if bonding in the bedroom is your goal.

Woman on Top

Woman on top, man on the bottom equals one of the most boring sex positions possible in the minds of many. Ultimately, no matter how secure a woman is about her body, she will feel self-conscious in this position. As sex is a very visual activity,  if you or your partner feels like this is being compromised it is likely to put a damper on your sexual encounter. This is a total waste of time as there are so many more desirable positions that will bring both of you pleasure. To find a better and more exciting sex position than woman on top, there are mobile apps that can help.

Crouching Couchgirl

While on the surface, crouching couchgirl position may seem like a desirable choice, in reality, it can become rather painful rather quickly. Propping up on the feet for too long leads to foot cramps and sore feet that detract from the pleasure she’d otherwise feel. Yours or your partner’s thighs will burn if she’s in this position for too long and that’s not something you’re likely to want to repeat.

Erotic Accordion

Unless you are extremely flexible, an erotic accordion is a position you may want to avoid. Squatting during sex can become uncomfortable quickly. Instead of enjoying the sex you’ll be too busy trying to keep his feet out of your face and trying to balance yourself in the squatting position, This is considered and advanced sex position and is one that most couples choose to avoid.

Stair Sex

For times when you just can’t make it to that second-floor bedroom, stair sex may seem like a good idea. Don’t be fooled; there is no real way to make this a comfortable position for either of you. The best you could do for comfort would be to use carpeted stairs covered with a blanket. Though even then you’ll find that stair sex is hardly the appealing experience some people mistakenly think it is.

Doggy Style

The classic doggy style position may be desirable if you possess a penis, but if you don’t, it’s often seen as an uncomfortable and even painful position. Staying lubricated is important during sex but is hard to achieve in this position. Many women have the same complaint about doggy style sex as about 69; the lack of a visual connection. Losing this connection can ultimately make sexual activity less satisfying for both of you.


You and your partner are the only ones that can decide which positions are more desirable to you. Many positions that are already pleasurable are made more so with the use of sex toys. Though the classic vibrator is one of the most popular options it is by far not your only choice. Dildos, especially strap-ons, are easy to use and can take the level of pleasure you receive from sexual intercourse, through the roof. Sex should never be boring, so if you’re feeling burned out using the same positions over and over, do your homework and discover new positions that both of you like. Exploring new ways to make each other feel good will benefit your relationship in physical and emotional ways. The journey of your sex life is one that should include new twists and turns that can help you reignite your passion and drive for each other. The freedom of being able to experiment with different positions is one way to keep any romantic relationship on track.

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