Tik Tok Sex Hacks: The Ones That Work and Why

On any given day, content on social media confronts us with a never-ending supply of conspiracy theories, life hacks, hot takes, celebrity gossip, and pictures of food in dazzling high definition. Thanks to the video-sharing platform TikTok, sharing footage of dancing, food, lifestyle choices and just about everything else is possible, and we’re offered a window into the lives of complete strangers at the push of a button. While this appears to be no different from any social media platform, there is something about watching a video with someone having discourse or demonstrating by example that sometimes makes it more appealing than reading the various articles that appear in our newsfeed on a daily basis. 

It… Could…Work!

The aspect of life hacks is that some of them are complete fabrications meant to come across as entertaining in their implausibility and absurdness. There are some that get posted online that can be beneficial and helpful. When it comes to sexuality, TikTok has benefitted greatly from those who are sex-positive and have grown past the days when sexuality was a taboo subject to be spoken about in whispers. 

This is the purpose of the article you’re currently in the process of reading. In a world where the TikTok life hack has become as trusted a source of information as legitimate journalism, we’ve taken the time to separate the wheat from the chafe, legitimized the claims, and divided truth from fiction, all for your benefit. These are the TikTok sex hacks that work. So, friendly reader, immerse yourself in the content that follows and enjoy. 

The Stomach Sex Hack 

One of the popular hacks that many have attested to is what’s commonly known as the “stomach sex hack.” And if you’re familiar with Tinto Brass’ Caligula and the scene in Tiberius’ grotto that features a man with anus on his stomach having it pleasured…we assure you that this is something completely different. This hack involves pushing down on a woman’s stomach to help stimulate the g-spot during penetration. 

Experts say that this won’t work for everyone, and advise experimentation during intercourse to satisfy your partner. With consent, of course. 

The Sex Pillow Hack

While the stomach sex hack might not be beneficial for everyone, experts in the field of sexuality and intercourse have a consensus that this works…quite well. This hack involves the placement of a pillow underneath the hips to allow for deeper penetration. Experts have also stated that placing the pillow at different angles can allow for deeper penetration, so experiment freely. 

Clitoral Masturbation Technique 

Female masturbation, or as we prefer to call it, learning to love yourself, can be a challenge for some individuals. A recent hack that appeared on TikTok advised that when stimulating the clitoris, exercising gentle caution is the most effective method for achieving a proper climax. They described the approach as being gentle as one would be with an egg yolk. 

Experts agree that this technique could be very helpful in learning how to properly stimulate the clitoris. However, they also stressed that this technique won’t work for everyone, as some people enjoy rougher stimulation techniques. They also suggested having open dialogue over how they prefer stimulation, and, as always, they stressed consent above all else. 

Four Minutes for Foreplay 

Spicing things up in the bedroom has often been a pursuit of many couples who wish to heat things up without the worry of setting off the smoke alarm. This hack, while it might appear a bit short, is highly effective in introducing novelty and spontaneity into your foreplay regimen. It’s relatively simple and only involves setting the timer on your clock or phone for the duration of four minutes. 

Experts agree with its effectiveness and insist that it’s best practiced by couples who have a thirst for adventure and can think on their feet rather quickly. If foreplay is something you’ve always wanted to get better at, then trying this hack will certainly spice up the batch for a night of cooking. 

Tantric Sex

Of all the sex hacks offered up by the various TikTok content creators, we weren’t expecting one of the topics to explore the art of tantric sex. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, tantric sex is sometimes described as “sexual yoga’ and its roots can be traced back to Buddhism and Hinduism. It involves losing yourself in the moment and surrendering to the act of sex with your partner, without the inhibitions of certain foods, alcohol, or even background music. While this practice has existed for centuries, many content creators have given it modernization to make it more accessible to the average person. 

Several people have attested to its potency, deeper feelings of sensation, and heightened intimacy. Many TikTok videos that praise the benefits of the practice suggest abstaining from any substances, or electronics, and utilizing the natural lighting that you can get from candlelight and incense. 

While many of these hacks and techniques have varying degrees of success depending upon who uses them, experts agree that tantric sexual practices have been efficient for centuries and continue to be just so. They’ve proven to be most effective among those who are experiencing difficulties in the bedroom or those who just feel like they want to make the bedroom experience to the next level. 

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