There are Five Turn-On Triggers: Which One is Yours?

There’s a chance you’ve either heard or used the phrase “what turns you on?” Or perhaps, you’ve described something that you don’t like as a “turn-off’ or “dealbreaker.” Turn-offs are a normal part of someone’s unique sexual chemistry, and they don’t necessarily mean that you have a weak libido by any means. The facets that stimulate you are known as turn-on triggers, and if one isn’t present during a sexual encounter, the results can vary. To find out what turns you on, we’ve compiled a list of the five turn-on triggers that exist. 


Just as some people learn better from visual aids, some libidos are excited by visual stimulation. If you find yourself being turned on by pornography, watching some choice films or clips with your partner can accentuate your evening. 


A person whose libido gets stimulated from mental aspects is known as sapiosexual. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “talk dirty to me” this best describes the type of stimulation this person’s libido needs. When spoken in whispers, it’s amazing what dialogue can accomplish. 


While the phrase “you make me horny” almost seems childish when compared to some of the other suggestive dialogue that gets uttered in the bedroom, a person whose libido is triggered by desire will think of these four words like music to their ears. Sometimes keeping words as specific and direct as possible can work wonders in the bedroom. 


For some, sex isn’t at the very top of their list of priorities. Knowing how to approach the subject can make all the difference, and offering incentive is usually the best way to get the ball rolling. It might be flowers or a massage, but the smallest gesture goes a long way. Always keep in mind that the most important rule in any sexual relationship is consent. 


Some human beings are known as “products of their environment.” This usually refers to how their moods can fluctuate depending on their immediate surroundings. This person’s libido is accentuated by candles, pleasant aromas, and even music and lighting. Paying close attention to what they like in these categories can intensify the evening. 

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