The Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager

Are you ready to revolutionize your intimate experiences? Introducing the Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager, a versatile and powerful G Spot Vibrator designed to unleash your wildest fantasies and bring you to the pinnacle of pleasure.

Short Summary

  • Discover the Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager for targeted G-spot stimulation and multiple orgasms.
  • Enjoy up to 4 hours of uninterrupted pleasure with its two powerful motors, flexible shaft, rechargeable battery & various color options.
  • Enhance your experience by combining stimulation techniques with proper cleaning & lubricant recommendations for optimal comfort & pleasure.

Discovering Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager

The Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager is an intensely stimulating sex toy that caters to your every desire, whether you’re looking for vaginal g spot area stimulation or targeted clitoral region arousal.

With its easy and comfortable grip, this massager perfectly fits all body types, ensuring maximum G-spot stimulation and multiple orgasms.

It’s time to unlock your wildest fantasies and experience the pleasure you deserve. With the Shunga Miyo, you can explore your deepest desires.


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Key Features

The Shunga Miyo boasts the following features:

  • Ergonomic design that conforms to your body for the ultimate in comfort and pleasure
  • Made from hypoallergenic silicone
  • Modal open media interface that allows for easy access to various vibration settings
  • Two powerful synchronized motors
  • Flexible shaft for a seamless, intensely stimulating experience

In addition to its impressive design, the Shunga Miyo  offers the following features:

  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery, ensuring that you’ll never run out of power during your most intimate moments
  • The battery can be charged using the included AC adapter
  • Provides up to 4 hours of uninterrupted pleasure
  • Designed to transform your sexual experiences with its innovative and versatile features

Color Options

The Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager is available in three alluring colors to suit your taste and style, including Raspberry, Black, and Sultry Purple, each designed to spark your imagination and enhance your intimate experiences.

With these enticing color options, you will indeed find the perfect Miyo to match your unique preferences.

Perfectly Fit for Ultimate Pleasure

Designed to conform to the female anatomy accurately, the Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager delivers targeted stimulation for optimal satisfaction, regardless of body type. Its unique shape allows it to fit the clitoral region precisely, providing intense stimulation to both the vaginal area and the G-spot.

Experience a whole new level of pleasure and sexual arousal, and reignite the spark in your relationship by exploring each other’s bodies in an exciting and novel way.


miyo intimate massager close up


Vaginal Area Stimulation

Crafted to provide intense stimulation to the vaginal area, the Shunga Miyo combines its unique shape and powerful vibrations to awaken your deepest desires.

It mimics specific techniques like swirling fingers around the vagina at different depths and applying rhythmic pressure against the front of the vaginal wall.

To further enhance your experience, we recommend the following:

  • Using a water-based lubricant to reduce friction and increase sensation
  • Discovering the perfect combination of positions and techniques with the Shunga Miyo
  • Unleashing a world of pleasure, you never knew existed

Clitoral Region Stimulation

The massager’s unique design also targets the clitoral region, mimicking pleasure through various methods, such as fingers, rubbing, tapping, and circling.

Lubrication is essential to feel comfortable and to reduce friction, allowing for a gradual build-up of sensation.

By combining vaginal and clitoral stimulation, the Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager opens the door to powerful, multiple orgasms that will leave you breathless.

Explore the full range of possibilities this massager offers, and experience a level of pleasure you never thought possible.

Unleashing Multiple Orgasms

The Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager is designed to help users achieve multiple orgasms through various stimulation techniques. By simultaneously targeting the G-spot and clitoral region, this massager can unleash a powerful combination of sensations that can lead to unforgettable, mind-blowing orgasms.

Get ready to experience a whole new level of ecstasy.

G-Spot Stimulation

The massager’s curved tip is specifically designed to target the G-spot, a sensitive area in the vagina.

By applying the right pressure and using the “come-hither” motion with the massager, you can unlock the full potential of G-spot stimulation, increasing arousal and leading to more intense orgasms and even squirting.

Experiment with different sexual positions and techniques to find the perfect angle and pressure for G-spot stimulation.

Start with clitoral stimulation to increase arousal before focusing on the G-spot, and soon you’ll discover the secret to achieving powerful, multiple orgasms.

Combining Sexual Enhancers

Combining various stimulation techniques can lead to even more powerful and satisfying orgasms. Use the Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager with sexual enhancers to create a symphony of pleasure that will leave you breathless.

Charging and Maintenance

To ensure that your Shunga Miyo remains in optimal condition, charging and maintaining it properly is essential. With its rechargeable battery, you can enjoy uninterrupted pleasure without worrying about running out of power.

In this section, we’ll discuss the best practices for charging and maintaining your massager so that it’s always ready for your next intimate encounter.

Battery Life

The Shunga Miyo’s rechargeable battery provides long-lasting use, ensuring uninterrupted pleasure during your most intimate moments.

Its battery life ranges from 1 hour at maximum power to 3 hours at low power, giving you plenty of time to explore and indulge in your wildest fantasies.

Simply charge the massager using the included USB charging cable, and you’re ready for hours of blissful enjoyment.

Cleaning and Storage

To maintain the quality and hygiene of your Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager, it’s important to clean it thoroughly before and after each use. Here’s how:

  1. Spray it with a toy cleaner.
  2. Leave the cleaner on for 30 to 60 seconds.
  3. Wipe the massager with a soft cloth or rinse it off with warm water.
  4. Allow it to dry.

Store the massager in the accompanying satin pouch when not in use, keeping it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and other toys to prevent contamination.

Enhancing Your Experience

To get the most out of your Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager, exploring different ways to enhance your experience is important.

From experimenting with various vibration settings to incorporating additional forms of stimulation, there are numerous ways to elevate your pleasure and intimacy.

This section will provide suggestions for maximizing your enjoyment with the Shunga Miyo.

Lubricant Recommendations

Using the right lubricant can make a world of difference when it comes to comfort and pleasure during your intimate encounters.

We recommend using a water-based lubricant for the Shunga Miyo, as oil-based and silicone-based lubricants can damage the massager’s material. Some popular options include:

These lubricants are specifically formulated to maximize sensations and promote increased blood flow to the clitoral area, intensifying pleasure and enhancing orgasms. Apply a generous amount of lubricant to the area of stimulation, and experience a whole new level of comfort and delight.

Position Suggestions

Finding the right position for using the Shunga Miyo can be crucial for maximizing stimulation and pleasure.

While individual preferences and anatomy may vary, some positions that can be effective include lying on your back, sitting upright, or standing. Experiment with different postures and angles to find the most enjoyable experience for you.

In addition to experimenting with positions, consider incorporating other methods to optimize stimulation and pleasure, such as using warming lubricants, trying different techniques, and taking pauses to heighten sensitivity.

The Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager is a versatile tool that can open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to explore new dimensions of pleasure and intimacy.


The Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager is a powerful and versatile tool designed to unlock your wildest fantasies and bring you to the pinnacle of pleasure.

With its innovative features, ergonomic design, and multiple color options, this massager is the perfect addition to any intimate encounter.

Explore the world of ultimate satisfaction with the Shunga Miyo, and experience a level of pleasure you never thought possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the battery life of the Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager?

The Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager offers an impressive battery life, lasting from 1 to 3 hours. Therefore, you can enjoy its pleasure for extended sessions.

What color options are available for the Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager?

The Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager has three attractive color options: Raspberry, Black, and Purple.

How do I clean the Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager?

Clean your Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager with a sex toy cleaner, let it soak for 30-60 seconds, wipe it away with a soft cloth, and let air dry for a sanitized finish.

To ensure cleanliness, repeat this process after every use.

What lubricants are recommended for use with the Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager?

We recommend using a variety of water-based lubricants for optimal use of the Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager.

These lubricants are designed to enhance the pleasure of the massage and provide a more comfortable experience. They can also help to reduce friction and make the massage more enjoyable.

How can I achieve multiple orgasms with the Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager?

By focusing on techniques such as varying intensity and speed, the Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager can be used to achieve multiple orgasms. With practice, users will find they can build up to more powerful and intense waves of pleasure.

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