The Jackie Love Rechargeable Bullet by Jack And Jill Adult

It’s been a while since we’ve been this excited about a new line of bullet vibrators — and this one costs less than $65! Jackie Love Bullet is a small but powerful sex toy from our own Jack and Jill Adult! 

But what makes this little rechargeable bullet vibrator different from others on the market? You can already see that it looks amazing, so let’s talk about what it can do!

Size Matters

Since bullet vibrators are generally meant for external use, people often think that size isn’t an important feature. But just like with any other sex toy, the wrong size can spoil the fun. We put a lot of thought into creating a rechargeable bullet of perfect dimensions. 

Jackie Love Bullet vibrator is small enough to let you easily find and stimulate that one tiny spot and make you go wild. At the same time, it is not too small, so you won’t have trouble grabbing hold of it. Forget about everything else — the ideal proportions alone are enough to turn this little buddy into your new best friend.  

Body-Safe Material Is a Must

Sex toys come in contact with the sensitive skin on the genital area regularly. It is extremely important to choose toys made of body-safe materials. Most bullet vibrators consist of plastic, silicone, or rubber. However, there can be a huge difference in quality, with more expensive toys often using higher-grade materials

We spared no expense in the making of the Jackie Love vibrating bullet. Consisting of body-safe silicone and ABS plastic, both of these materials are safe and long-lasting.  

Easy Settings and Different Speeds

Vibrating adult toys are among the most popular sex toys because they often feature a range of speeds and vibrating patterns to tickle your fancy. Bullets tend to be buzzy, delivering pleasure directly to the clitoris. 

With seven escalating speeds and 13 pulsing vibration patterns, the Jackie Love bullet is no exception. That means you will find the ideal vibe to increase your climax quota and have longer, deeper, and more intense orgasms.

But what makes the difference between our toy and other bullets is how much power it holds. The motor in Jackie Love is solid and durable. You can even place it in penetrative sex toys, like dildos and strap-ons, and still feel its powerful vibrations. 

The two-button interface is also pretty simple to use. The buttons’ position makes them easily accessible during action. But thanks to the smart design, you can also put the bullet vibrator in your bag without worrying it will go off in the middle of a subway ride. 

Long Battery Life

At Jack and Jill, we care about both your pocket and the environment. That’s why we’ve created a rechargeable bullet. When the petite little package arrives at your door, inside, you will find an included cable along with your new vibrating bullet. Once charged, the toy will provide you with thirty to forty minutes of continuous play. 

Noise Level

If you have roommates or exceptionally thin walls, you probably want a sex toy that doesn’t make too much noise. Luckily, this rechargeable bullet is so discreet that it’ll help your private time stay private. So, you can freely enjoy your solo play session or sex time without cluing your neighbors in. 

How to Use Jackie Love Bullet

If you need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, rest assured — according to one study, 36,6% of women need it too. But necessary or not, clitoral pleasure feels incredible. So, why not throw it into the mix anyway? With the help of Jackie Love Rechargeable Bullet, you will get hot and ready for action in no time. 

You should have no trouble using this sex toy, no matter your sexual experience or inexperience. First, simply wash the vibrating bullet with warm water and soap, pat it dry, and add lube. Next, gently press the toy against your clitoris and use the buttons to find the type of vibration that feels the best for you. Then, enjoy the ultimate satisfaction only Jacky Love can provide!

How to Care for Jack and Jill Adult Toys

When it comes to sex toys, hygiene is everything. A general rule of thumb is to wash your toys before and after each use to avoid infections. In addition, it would be best to use special sex toy cleaners, such as Jack and Jill Toy Cleaner. That said, warm water and soap should do the job just fine, too.

After you clean your rechargeable bullet, leave it out in the open to dry. Store it in a dark and dry place, preferably in the original packaging.

Another essential thing to consider is the type of lube you use with your bullet. For instance, silicone lube can damage silicone toys. So, when using your Jackie Love bullet, it might be best to opt for a water-based lube. 

Final Thoughts 

Discreet, powerful, and petite — Jackie Love rechargeable bullet is hard to beat. It is compact and lightweight, making it great to hold and maneuver. Likewise, it offers a healthy selection of speed settings to flip between. The highest quality materials provide a luxurious feel while being safe for your body and health. 

This sex toy is of perfect size and can fit in most bags (perfect for travel). It also comes in small packages that look inconspicuous if you have nosy neighbors. So, if you want a nice rumbly power that won’t break your budget, the Jackie Love bullet is your best option. 

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