The Best Sex Toys for Women in 2022

“Sugar and spice and everything nice…” That’s what little girls are made of. While this saying might be applicable to the days where Barbie and easy bake ovens are the ideal toys of being a girl, there’s necessities a woman has that can’t be quelled by a dressed-up doll or a batch of cupcakes fresh from the oven. Not even close. In this day and age, sexuality and most importantly self-love are no longer to be discussed in whispers. And, now that you’re an adult, some mature stimulation is needed when the moment calls for it. Today, we’re going to explore the most popular and commonly used. No particular reason, we just want to stimulate our readers. 

Clitoral Vibrator 

It’s hard to imagine that even in 2022 some men can’t find the clitoris. (Shocking, no?) Luckily, you don’t have that problem, and a clitoral vibrator will certainly reward you for this familiarity. The next time you’re with him, show off some proper clitoral stimulation to elevate the evening. Maybe he can take some notes…

G-Spot Vibrator 

Some swear by the myth that the G-spot is just about as hard to find as the Loch Ness monster. Truth is, it’s not. (It’s the spongy tissue that’s part of the clitoris. The G-spot vibrator can help you achieve a g-spot orgasm, which is described by some sex experts (sexperts?) as a rolling crescendo, much like experiencing a wave at the ocean crash against you. 

Clitoral Suckers

Showman P.T. Barnum once proclaimed that “there’s a sucker born every minute.” If that’s the case, then that might account for the popularity and abundance of clitoral suction vibrators that are currently on the market. By utilizing air flow, these devices can simulate the same feeling of having your clitoris sucked on by your partner. (Just remember the lube.) 


If there’s one phrase that can be used to describe the dildo, it’s ‘tried and true.’ The use of a phallic shaped object as both a symbol to promote fertility and a tool for self-induced simulated penetration dates back centuries. Usually composed of plastic, silicone, and metal, the modern dildo comes in many forms and some models even vibrate while in use. Now that’s some progress. 


The future of the sex toy is now. Aside from adding a new word to your vocabulary, these devices are objects of self-pleasure that can be controlled right from your smart phone. That’s right, you can stimulate yourself on the go with no one being ever the wiser. 

Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator

Best of sexually stimulating toys, if you want something unique, let it be the Satisfyer Pro 2—an ecstatic stimulator with pressurewave technology that delivers suction to all of your senses. Built to restore the sensation of oral sex, this rechargeable tablet comes with 11 settings, a USB charging port and features a thin silicone head. It is waterproof so it’ll give some sparkle to any splash.

Gläs Purple Rose Nubby Glass Dildo

You know, Cinderella may have had a slipper. Glass toys look beautiful and are so spectacular you might have a difficult time keeping them out of view for the public. Made from hypoallergenic glass, this glass is also specially molded to retain heat, cool down and is very important in heat transfer as well. You can put it in the freezer as if it were freezing. On the other hand, you’d have the option of running it in hot water to warm the skin.

Le Wand Vibrating Massager

One of the most powerful sex toys. These vibrating wands are a kind of sex toys that can be extremely effective and with rounded, rotating heads attached to thick handles. Among its benefits, however, it features 20 vibration patterns. You’ll receive an intense sensation from this wand.

The Times

I don’t remember how many times I talked to someone because they didn’t really understand the hush-hush about women’s sexuality. It seems that despite the taboo the conditions, the outlook remains quite good even when it is less severe as it is now. Back when men and women were allowed no formal orgasms. The woman’s genitalia was believed to have been largely neglected until recently, and because it was not acknowledged, there were plenty of partner rooms nearby.

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