The Best Remote Controlled Sex Toys

In a slump? Adding a new remote-controlled vibrator to your collection is sure to give your sex life a kick. Remote-controlled sex toys put your partner in the driver’s seat for an intimate moment that’s completely discreet. Learn how and why to use Bluetooth sex toys before your next purchase.

5 of the Best Remote Controlled Sex Toys

Here is our list of some of the best sex toys that are remotely controlled.

Be respectful

The first rule of using a remote-controlled is to understand consent – not just between you and your partner, but the people around you. No matter how turned on you might get from the excitement of public play, the people around you are likely to feel uncomfortable if they know you’ve got a Lovers Remote Vibrator in your panties. Set boundaries; there’s a time and place for everything.

Establish a safe word

Part of the allure of wearables like the Remote Control 10 Function Little Black Panty is the thrill of knowing someone else can control the vibration at any time. But what if you’re heading to the restroom during dinner and bump into your boss? A quick text with your safe word can let your partner know it’s not the right time to play.

Take advantage of foreplay

If you’re going to experiment with remote-controlled sex toys, don’t try to rush straight to the finale. By taking the time to tease your lover, you’ll be more in tune with their various stages of arousal. Start by using Lelo’s Tiani Couples Massager on a low setting, taking special note of how your partner looks, breathes and sounds before increasing the intensity.

Share the fun

Women don’t get to have all the fun. Men can enjoy sex toys, too, like the Remoji Surfer Plug Vibe designed for safe anal play. If that’s not his cup of tea, try using your vibrator on his nipples, balls, perineum or shaft for waves of intensity that will make his toes curl.

Get creative!

Break the rules of traditional sex by opening your mind. You might love that thing he does with his mouth, but have you tried it while wearing a vibe? One way to mix it up is by using the Vibratissimo Cinque G Spot Vibe with multiple custom vibration patterns that work remotely from anywhere in the world. You might even find yourself hoping he goes away on business just so he can get you off from the other side of the country.
Much like the vibes themselves, purchases from Jack and Jill are 100 percent discreet. For more remote-controlled sex toys, including reviews and ideas for use, shop our entire collection and see what you’ve been missing out on all this whole time.

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