The Best Gag Gifts Only a Best Friend Would Give

Not everyone can get away with giving adult novelty toys as gifts, but there’s at least one rowdy jokester in every crowd. Are you that friend? Get your mind in the gutter with one of our sex toy gag gifts. Not only are they great for bachelor parties and birthdays, Jack and Jill’s novelty toys make perfect “just because” gag gifts for the open-minded member of your crew.

The Original Ass Tray

The ultimate bachelor pad gag gift, this “ass tray” lets you put your butt in the—well, you know. This Pipedream Products smoking accessory was once featured on Showtime’s Family Business and makes the perfect gift for the “ass man” in your life.

Pecker Beach Ball

Bringing the Pecker Beach Ball to your next pool party is a given, but the ball also makes for hilarious photo ops at concerts and music festivals. Imagine dancing to your favorite DJ and seeing a ball (or a set of them) bounce and fly throughout the crowd.

The Shower Beer Buddy

For the beer drinker who loves a cold brew in a steaming hot shower, the Shower Beer Buddy saves the day. It works in the tub, pool, hotel room—anywhere shenanigans are about to transpire. Know a Koozie collector? This will be their breast one yet.

Giant Pecker Apron

This well-endowed apron from Jack and Jill is one of our top-selling bachelorette party gag gifts. See how close you can get to cutting the cake without interference from a giant inflatable shaft. Make a rule that the bartender of the moment must wear the apron—you wouldn’t want a friend to clean up any sticky messes, would you?

Bite sized p*ssy chocolates

There’s no sweeter gag gift than the taste of p*ssy! Have a friend who loves to brag about his oral skills? Know someone who would literally gag at the sight of edible anatomy? Our bite-sized chocolates are excellent weapons for real-time trolling. You even can turn it into a six-player game and score participants on licking techniques.

Republican frontrunner

With President-elect Trump preparing for the Oval Office, your liberal friends will appreciate this patriotic d*ck any day of the week. Funny and oh so timely, the Republican Front Runner just needs to be wound up for a robotic march to its demise. No matter your party affiliation, penis toys are always a win.

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill offers discreet shipping directly to the gift recipient, making your prank that much sweeter. For more birthday, bachelor party and bachelorette party gift ideas check out our full lineup of novelty toys. We bet you can’t make it through to checkout without laughing.

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