The Best Dildos for Beginners

Buying your first dildo sex toy is an exciting and daunting task because a lot of research and thought goes into making a decision. Furthermore, if you’re still trying to figure out what you like regarding penetration, sex, and masturbation, making a choice is much harder. 

That’s why sex toys for beginners, like beginner dildos, are the perfect solution! They are great both for solo play and partnered sex, and they can practically transform your sex life. But what is the best dildo for beginners? Which toy is the perfect pick for someone who’s just now dipping their toes in the deep waters of sex toys

Keep reading to find out!

Why Even Opt for a Dildo?

The worldwide sex toy market is massive. What’s more, it’s constantly growing. Even the global pandemic couldn’t break it. Moreover, during lockdowns and the first COVID year, the market grew even more than predicted. Therefore, it’s likely that nothing can (nor should) slow it down. 

Thanks to the neverending technological developments, the sex toy industry is getting new categories of toys (like teledildonics and other interactive toys) each minute. 

So, how does one even pick a category of sex toys when browsing through a sex toy shop site? 

Although that’s a complicated question, there’s an easy answer. You start small and simple and work your way up. And there’s no more straightforward toy to operate than the mighty dildo. 

A Dildo Is Straightforward

Some people find sex toys scary because they think they won’t be able to use them. However, with dildos, that fear is completely unfounded. 

Designed to look like a real penis (or at least resemble it), a dildo is the easiest toy to use. So, you can treat it like that and call it a day. And, as a nice bonus, you can also have as much foreplay as you like (which isn’t always the case when a real penis is involved).

Of course, the market is full of different sex life? Alternatively, are you looking for the perfect dildo for lesbian couples or anal penetration?

Either way, the market has what you’re looking for. But not every dildo in every category is suitable to be a starter dildo.

You Can Easily Control It

Another great benefit of dildos is that you control the penetration. The toy doesn’t really do much in terms of features (it won’t move on its own or vibrate), so you have complete control over it. That’s what makes dildos an excellent pick for novices.

Dildos Aren’t Complicated

Some dildos offer plenty of features. However, most dildos (especially the beginner-friendly ones) offer just a few. That makes them easy to use. You don’t have to think about which button to press at what time to get a few orgasms out of the toy. With a dildo, you can enjoy vaginal penetration (or any penetration) if you so choose.

How to Find the Perfect Dildo for Beginners?

It’s probably apparent that huge dildos aren’t the best option for someone who’s never owned a sex toy. However, it’s OK if that’s as far as you’ve gotten in deciding which dildo to buy. To lend a helping hand, here’s a quick buyer’s guide that will help you shop for the best dildo for you.


When browsing through a sex toy shop site, pay attention to the material of the toys you’re interested in. Of course, every toy you buy should be body-safe. Your best bet is to choose one of the silicone dildos. The Femme Funn Turbo Baller, for example, is made entirely out of medical-grade silicone.

But why opt for silicone instead of some other cheaper material? First of all, you don’t want to treat your private bits like an afterthought. It’s important that you shop for high-quality dildo sex toys because they can save you a lot of hassle in the future.

Always Go the Body-Safe Route

Body-safe materials lower the risk of infections and are easier to maintain and clean. They’ll also last you much longer. That’s why silicone, TPE, metal, and glass are preferable to plastic, PVC, jelly, and other porous materials. If the material is porous, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria sooner or later.


Picking the right material is a huge part of ensuring you’ve chosen a safe dildo. However, there are also some other things to consider there.

For example, if you’re looking for a dildo with anal penetration in mind, you need to get a toy with a flared base. Remember, anal play is only fun if you keep it safe. Otherwise, you might end up in the ER.

Furthermore, it’s also crucial that you use the right lube with your toy. For example, if you opt for silicone dildos, make sure you get water-based lube. Silicone lubricants will eat away at the silicone toys, damaging them. 


Of course, the size of the dildo might seem like the most crucial factor to you, primarily if you’ve never used dildo sex toys for vaginal and anal penetration. Although toys of all sizes can provide sexual pleasure, the best dildos for beginners are the small ones. 

As they say, start small and work your way up. Alternatively, if you’ve always dreamed of a dildo with quite a bit of insertable length, opt for a slim one. Don’t let your desire for orgasms write checks your body can’t cash.

For example, something of average size, like the GETREAL Realistic Dildo With Balls, is an excellent fit for both novices and dildo sex toy enthusiasts. 

Type of Stimulation

Like there are different sizes of dildos to choose from, you can also pick a dildo based on the type of stimulation it offers. Regular dildos don’t do much other than offer vaginal and anal penetration. However, you can also go for a vibrating dildo, a dildo that provides clitoral stimulation, a dildo that comes with a harness, and one that has a slight curve to the shaft. The latter is perfect for G-spot and P-spot stimulation, etc.

So, you have plenty of options. You must decide which type of stimulation you’re interested in before you buy a dildo sex toy. 


One of the factors to consider is also the appearance of the toy. Are you looking for a realistic dildo or something that looks more like it belongs on the pages of a fantasy graphic novel?

Realistic dildos are extremely popular, but the great thing about these toys, in general, is that they come in all shapes and sizes. So, if a realistic-looking penis dildo isn’t for you and you’d prefer something different, you’ll quickly find it.


Just like materials, the texture is also important. How the toy feels is an essential factor. It can make your solo time more pleasurable or completely ruin it. Silicone dildos don’t have the same texture as metal dildos. Similarly, you can’t use them in the same way. Metal dildos are perfect for temperature play, and they offer a smoothness that only glass dildos can rival. 

But if glass and metal dildos aren’t your thing, you have other options. TPE dildos, on the other hand, have a more realistic texture. As a result, they’ll feel more like a real penis than any other toy. 

Best Dildos for Beginners

These factors are vital for picking your perfect fun new play toy. However, to further aid you in your pursuit of pleasure, there are a few dildo categories that are a perfect fit for beginners. We recommend you avoid categories like big dildos (and especially massive dildos) because although they are undoubtedly fun, they may be something you need to work towards.

Average Size Dildos

Suppose you’re looking to spice up your sex life without going overboard. In that case, a dildo with an average insertable length is a great pick. Of course, you don’t want to go too small and get something that looks more like a butt plug than a dildo, but you don’t want to get something massive either.

An average size dildo that has a shaft of between 5 or 6 inches like the Ruse Shimmy Silicone Dildo With Balls will be more than enough to take you to Pleasure Town. This dildo also offers G-spot stimulation. If you also involve your clitoris during fun times, you’ll have a full-body experience that you’ll never forget!

Small Soft Dildos

A small soft dildo is an excellent pick for beginners because it’s easier to handle. In addition, the size is average or below average, and the extra softness makes the toy more pleasurable. These dildos, like the ColourSoft 5″ Dildo, usually have a slight curve to them as well, which makes them ideal for G-spot or prostate stimulation.

The added layer of soft silicone makes these dildos highly comfortable to use. However, that also makes them more flexible, so keep in mind that you’ll have to use more lube with them to achieve penetration.

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are one of the most popular categories of sex toys in the world. If you prefer a toy that looks and feels like the real deal, this category is definitely for you. 

A realistic dildo is soft to the touch (like the GETREAL 8 Inch Dildo), and it has a realistic head that will breach your vaginal opening beautifully (or other openings, of course). What’s more, the dildo looks so real that it even has veins on its shaft.

Differently Shaped Dildos

If you opt to shop for differently shaped dildos, your vagina (and your clit) will thank you for it. These toys are great because they offer multiple points of stimulation. 

Just because a dildo looks weird doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time. For example, if you’re looking for something you can enjoy with your partner, the double dildo like the Together Female Intimacy Vibe might be the perfect fit. 

Suction-Cup Dildos

Handy and ideal for some shower play, suction-cup dildos are an excellent pick for beginners. They stick to flat surfaces (such as the shower wall), which allows you more control. It also offers the chance of a hands-free experience. 

Plus, suction-cup dildos are great if you want to play with your partner. Not to mention, they fit great in a strap-on. So, they give a lot of bang for your buck.

There are different suction-cup dildos, but people usually shop for those with balls, as they offer a more realistic feel.

Remote Controlled Battery Operated Realistic Suction Cup Dildo

Dildos With a Base

Dildos with a base are great for strap-on play and anal play. If you and your partner are into pegging, these dildos are the perfect pick for you. 

However, a dildo with a base will be a great choice, even if you’re playing without a partner. It is safer than other types (which is always a good thing for beginners). 

Slim Dildos

Although they aren’t an excellent fit for a strap-on, slim dildos are an excellent choice for someone who never used a sex toy. They’ll go easy on your vaginal opening. In other words, they are perfect for easing yourself into sex toy use.

Vibrating Dildos

Glass and metal dildos might look amazing, but nothing is a better fit for a beginner than a vibrating dildo. Vibrators are the most popular sex toys, and a dildo-vibrator combo will treat your body right. 

With different vibration patterns and intensities available to you, a dildo vibrator will stimulate just about everything. Vibrators can offer more than a regular penis ever could, making them a perfect choice for beginners. 

Always remember that no matter which type of dildo you get, it’s vital that you keep it clean. Use a sex toy cleaner or some mild soap and warm water to clean your toys before and after each use. That will keep both you and the toys safe!

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