Summertime Sex Tips: Staying Cool While Getting It On

When summer temperatures arrive, the idea of getting hot and heavy starts to sound more like hot and sweaty. It’s hard to feel sexy when it’s just too hot. Instead, embrace those summer temps by experimenting with some relief from the heat — with and without sex toys.

I’ve Got Chills

I’ve Got Chills

When the temperature rises, it’s the perfect excuse to experiment with temperature play in the opposite direction. By introducing cold elements, you can avoid overheating while softening the impact of the cold play. Specifically, glass or metal sex toys are ideal for toying with temp.

Cooldown a dildo or butt plug to the level of cold you’re interested in. Once your toy has been chilled, test it against your finger or wrist before introducing it to more sensitive regions.

Easy Mode

Start out with a subtle change in temperature by running your toy under cool or cold water. The longer your sex toy sits in the cold water, the more dramatic the temperature change will be. For extended play, set up a bowl of ice water to refresh the chill on your toy throughout play without retreating back to the kitchen sink every time things warm up again.

Kick it Up

Step it up slightly by placing your sex toy in the fridge or freezer. The freezer could make the toy too chilled, so limit the amount of time set in the freezer.

Ice, Ice, Baby 

Whether you don’t own a glass toy or want a more chilled touch, try the humble ice cube. Before playing with something so melty, prepare your space. Use an absorbent sex blanket, towels, or a combination of the two to protect your furniture from puddles.

Compared to a chilled sex toy, ice has more slip as it melts, expanding the potential for sensual touch as the ice cube slowly melts against the skin either pooling in one place or in motion. The heat of summer is the best moment to experiment with ice play as the warmth of the room will lessen the impact of the cold for your entire body.

The time component of a melting ice cube can be capitalized on, too. Use the melting ice cube as a delay tactic to slow your pace.

With either approach to cold touch, try blindfolding a partner (or being blindfolded) to intensify the anticipation of contact.

Try it!

Run an ice cube over your partner’s (or your own) body or cool your mouth before oral.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Hands Off

The hotter the temperature, the less appeal skin to skin contact might seem, which sounds counterintuitive for sex. However, lean into those instincts for sensual play. Experiment with touch deprivation whether combined with sensory deprivation (like a blindfold) or temperature play.

Keep intensifying sensations by combining these ideas. Switch between one toy that’s chilled (or ice cubes) with another toy (or hands) that are warm. The blindfolded party can anticipate the surprise of either touch.

Try it!

Have one partner lay back on the bed with their eyes closed (or a blindfold) while the other walks around them. Slowly introduce more touch from a single fingertip to a melting ice cube.

Add dirty talk to build anticipation. Use limited, sensual touch or teasing to ease into foreplay without getting too close and clammy. If using ice cubes, the time for one partner to walk back to the freezer to get another cube can be a time for impatient anticipation for the other.

Better Where It’s Wetter

dIf all else fails, fall back on the classics. Jump into a shower of lukewarm to cold water to fight the heat in the room. The warmth will actually help avoid the chill of being whoever is less covered by the water.

Try it!

Navigating shower sex can be a let-down, especially compared to the typical fantasies of physical prowess and balance. To experiment with shower sex easily, start with a silicone lube (which holds up against the water better) and your hands. Touch yourself or one another in the respite of the water instead of worrying about shower sex gymnastics.


Now, instead of complaining about the heat, embrace the moment as an excuse to try something new. Enjoy getting sexy, not sweaty! And if you need the perfect glass or metal adult toy for temperature play experiments, now is the best time to buy something new!

Which of these tips do you think you’ll try over the summer? Share with us in the comments below!

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