Summer of Self Love: Warm-Weather Solo Sex Tips

They say that spring is the horniest season because everything is blooming and as the animals that we are, we get a little frisky. But summer seems to see a lot of action too and if your libido skyrockets with the temperature, you’re not alone! Summer heat can turn even the coolest among us into wanton drones. There’s nothing worse than a long, hot, sticky night, tossing and turning, too hot to even get off but desperate to get to sleep. Never again! This summer, beat the heat with these five tips for a sexy summer of self love.

Netflix & Chill Your Sex Toys and Lube

Netflix & Chill Your Sex Toys and Lube

Temperature play can be super sexy any time of year, but popping your toys and lube into the freezer before you get down to business can give you some heat relief while providing a whole new range of sensations. Try freezing metal items like nipple clamps, butt plugs or dildos, and cooling glass or ceramic toys in cold water. Even silicone sex toys will benefit from 15 minutes or so in the freezer. In a pinch, an ice cube will provide loads of sensation (while it lasts). Extreme cold can be overwhelming but also very exciting for nipples and genitals, just throw down a towel first. 

Work with Nature Not Against It

Did you know that temperature influences the ability to orgasm, as well as the intensity of orgasms? Usually warmer is better, but if you feel uncomfortably hot and restless, you likely won’t finish either. No air conditioner? No problem. Set a bowl of ice in front of a fan, or use a clean spritzing bottle to add a cool mist to the air in front of the fan. Keep bedroom windows and blinds/curtains closed during the day so the room has less opportunity to heat up. After dark, let the cooler evening air in and enjoy a less stifling solo session.     

Take a Sex Toy on an Adventure

Take a Sex Toy on an Adventure

Make use of discreet and portable toys like vibrating butt plugs and panty-vibes. Pop one in, pocket the remote control, and take yourself out for ice cream. That double scoop of mint chip will taste all the more wickedly delicious if you’re ordering it with a naughty secret in your pants. None will ever be the wiser … unless you lose control. But isn’t that part of the thrill? By the time you get home you will be so primed for release you’ll be bursting at the seams!   

Cool Showers or Baths, Anyone?

Cold showers have become the punchline for so many jokes about horniness and libido. They do help cool you down literally and figuratively, but a cool, not cold, bath or shower is also a great way to get your sexy on when you’re alone and the weather is warm. Who needs a pool when you can find a comfortably cool water temperature and get dirty before you get clean? Incorporate a water safe vibe or butt plug, or put your suction-cup-base dildos to good use on the wall of the shower or the bottom of the tub. 

If you want to use lubricant, silicone will have the longest staying power but it’s not compatible with silicone toys, so choose wisely. Soap may feel like the perfect lube but be careful of irritation and proper rinsing when you’re finished. If in doubt, stick to water-based lubes and reapply as needed. Oh, and one more suggestion: get a detachable shower head.  

Stock Your Fridge and Freezer

Stock Your Fridge and Freezer

Don’t forget: masturbation is a form of self-care. When we reward ourselves for good self-care habits, they are easier to maintain over time. This summer, stock your fridge and freezer with treats to enjoy in your own personal afterglow. Mini fro-yo bars or convenient frozen smoothie packs, even just some lemon water and pre-washed and chilled fruit will round out any hot weather masturbation marathon. Even if you don’t need the incentive from positive reinforcement, hydration is crucial. Take the time to replenish yourself after you have lost precious bodily fluids.


Making small preparations or accommodations for intimate self-care may seem excessive or over the top, but aren’t you worth the extra consideration? Life is short, so why not make the most of the small pleasures where we can. If that means planning ahead for some “you time,” make the effort to pamper yourself. Don’t suffer through another sweltering summer stuck to your sheets, frustrated because it’s too hot to even bother. Keep your cool. #HotPersonSummer doesn’t have to be literal. 

How do you plan to keep cool and have a summer of solo fun this year? Let us know down in the comments!

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