Six Penis Rings That’ll Give You the O-Face

It might seem silly if you’ve never tried it, but a penis ring is far from a novelty sex toy. Not only can it intensify your orgasm, it can actually help delay it if you happen to have a history of coming a little too quickly. Other than learning how to use a penis ring safely, there’s not much else to it!

A Brief Introduction to Penis Rings

When it comes to penis rings, size matters – especially as you graduate from inexpensive rubber rings with a lot of give to metal or leather. In fact, first timers might opt for an adjustable ring for easier wear. Make sure you’re flaccid or semi-erect when putting the penis ring on – don’t wait until you’re hard. Some rings are meant only for the shaft, others for your testicles and penis. Simply slip it on. It should be secure when you’re soft but not too tight when you get an erection. It’s normal for your penis to be enlarged (in fact, it’s a major advantage) but it shouldn’t look abnormally swollen. Take the ring off immediately if you experience pain, loss of feeling, skin irritation, cold sensations in your penis, etc.

Got it on? Good. Here’s what to expect with a penis ring.

  • Harder erections. Have you ever been ultra-hard? Penis rings will get you there.
  • Bigger penis. It’s obviously temporary but we doubt you’ll complain about it.
  • Longer sex. Because it constricts blood flow to your shaft, a c-ring will delay your orgasm.
  • Stronger orgasms. Increased anticipation coupled with increased blood accumulation means explosive Os.
  • Best Penis Rings for Better Orgasms

Wireless Rockin Rabbit Vibrating Ring– Perfect for hetero couples that love simultaneous orgasms. It accommodates two removable vibes to stimulate her clit and anus while giving you immense pleasure from the pressure of the penis ring.

Ring O Super-Stretchy Gel Erection Ring – Need a no-nonsense penis ring? Look no further than the Stretchy Gel Erection Ring. It comes in a variety of colors and fits most penises without being too tight. At a price point of $1.99, you really can’t go wrong.

Optimale Rechargeable Vibrating C Ring – We know you love pleasing your lover as much you love getting off. Right? What a stand-up guy! Invest in a vibrating penis ring and experience seven speeds of vibration, pulsation and escalation together. It’s even waterproof.

One Touch Flicker Clear Vibrating Ring – Discretion is the name of game here. The Flicker is small but powerful, making it the perfect couple’s sex toy for your next vacation (or romantic night in). Wear it over your penis and testicles for maximum pressure.

Je Joue Mio Rechargeable C Ring 5 Vibrations – The great thing about the Je Joue Mio is that you can put it on while hard – just use a water-based lube. It’s got five different vibration patterns – all of which are quiet – for a wide range of intensity. Sleek aesthetics, too!

Fantasy C-Ringz Ultimate Couples Cage – While it appears to be a two-in-one sex toy, it’s really more like four-in-one. Not only will it stimulate your mate with five different speeds, it will vibrate the top of your penis with each thrust while two firm rings work to inhibit blood flow. Whoa!

Jack and Jill

At Jack and Jill, we know that penis rings can increase pleasure for both partners and that the best c-rings aren’t necessarily the most expensive… especially for newbies. So start slow and have fun!

Have you used a penis ring before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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