Should You See a Sex Therapist? Signs that Show It’s Time to Check-In with a Pro

Sex is supposed to be fun and easy when you’re with a partner. However, there are times when things don’t work exactly the way you had hoped.
Whether you used to have a great sex life and the spark is gone, or you’re trying to ignite a fire for the first time, many couples wonder if they should see a sex therapist.

Your sex life doesn’t have to be in trouble for you to see one either. From opening up so you can talk about sex toys or using a vibrator with your partner, sex therapy can work wonders for some people.

Keep reading to learn more about the signs that could indicate that seeing a sex therapist might be ideal for you and your partner.

Lack of Sex

Healthy adults have sex regularly when they’re in relationships. Even adults with kids and jobs find time to do it about 10 times per month, even if that means getting less rest than they’d like.

If you’re not having sex, seeing a therapist can be a way to figure out why. Even if nothing feels wrong, there could be an issue that’s keeping you from being intimate with your partner.

Lack of intimacy can lead to resentment down the road.

Partner Discomfort

If you’ve been with your partner a while, past the growing pains in a relationship where sex can be awkward, but it’s still awkward, a sex therapist may be able to help you. In some cases, seeing a professional can shed light on why you may be having an issue with a partner in the bedroom even when everything is hunky-dory when you’re not between the sheets.
Broaching the topic of going to see a sex therapist can be hard when only one person is having a problem getting started in the bedroom, so how you phrase the idea is important. Be respectful of your partner’s feelings and be sure to gauge the situation by noticing his or her body language.

Orgasm Issues

For many women, achieving orgasm with a partner can be very difficult. Inexperienced women who are younger and don’t know their own bodies well can really benefit from sex therapy. In many cases, just one or two sessions are all that will be needed for a lot of women.
Even women who do know their bodies can learn to achieve orgasm with a partner, in some cases, by visiting a sex therapist. For example, many sex therapists work to teach couples how they can both climax in a healthy, comfortable manner.

That’s going to result in better sex for both partners.

You Have Childhood Issues

Many people have issues that were unresolved from their childhood years. When that’s the case, seeing a therapist who specializes in sexual behavior can really be very helpful for your sex life as an adult.
You might even find that taking care of sexual issues related to your childhood will help you in other parts of your life as well. After all, problems that we face as children often become magnified and even bigger as we grow into independent adults.

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