Should You DIY Your Masturbator?

Whether you’ve masturbated into a towel or you’ve gone full Pinterest-board arts and crafts, you’ve probably DIY’ed a sex toy at least once in your life. There are plenty of ways to make your own masturbator — the internet is full of ideas. Both a lack of funds and a lot of boredom can make it seem like a good idea. But is this something you should make for yourself or is it better to buy?

Before you get creative with raw meat, Pringles cans, cucumbers, and condoms, here’s what you need to know about DIY-ing your stroker.

Lower Quality

Lower QualityNot all masturbators you buy are the same quality but the good ones can last literal years if you take care of them. Most of your DIY options — from Pringles cans to hollowed out cucumbers — are throwaway options. You’re only going to use them once, and it may not hold up even while you use it.

If you try a rolled up towel or sock, it will at least last until you orgasm. But even with a condom or latex glove to wrap around your penis, it’s not going to feel like the SuperSkin or CyberSkin material a sleeve is made of. Consider the DIY option a less exciting second choice.

Different Sensations

If what you want is something other than your hand, almost anything will do. But if you’re craving the realistic feeling of sinking your shaft into a willing body — vagina or rectum — a DIY option won’t give you what you need. Manufactured masturbators are made with texture on the inside of the sleeve. Some include an element of suction. This is meant to give you a very specific sensation.

A DIY stroker won’t be able to compete with the real thing. If you just want something to break the monotony of your masturbation habit, use whatever you’ve got. But if you’re missing a partner, it may be better to buy your masturbation sleeve.

Discomfort and Pain

A DIY masturbator won’t automatically cause pain, but you need to be very careful how you make it. If arts and crafts aren’t your thing, you might miss key details like dulling sharp edges, skipping rough materials, and reducing unwanted friction. Most DIY instructions include a condom or latex glove to make your homemade toy as comfortable as possible. But if you’re not paying attention, you can still hurt yourself.

Good masturbators are designed for your comfort. The sleeve feels soft. The edges of the canister are rounded and smooth. Lube is always recommended but some come with lubricant already added. All of this is meant to make sure you feel nothing but pleasure while you jack off.


Let’s be real — getting off is always a little messy. It’s why so many of us have grabbed a sock at least once — to contain the mess. But DIY options are just as sticky. If you hollow out a cucumber or zucchini, you’re getting seeds and spunk all over your hand. Cardboard cans could easily break apart and spill out onto your hand. If you skip the condom or glove, you’ve got a serious spill to clean up.

Some masturbation sleeves are open on both sides. Others are closed to contain your splooge. But unless it’s a throwaway masturbator, they’re all made for easy clean up and to keep you from getting ejaculate everywhere.

Potentially Unhealthy

Potentially UnhealthyNot all DIY toys are unhealthy, especially if you use a condom on the inside — a common step. But certain materials shouldn’t be anywhere near your junk. If you try a DIY meat masturbator (raw meat wrapped around your penis), you could get bacteria on your penis that’s not meant to be there. You need to shower really well after this DIY method. The same is true if you hollow out a vegetable and use it in place of a real masturbator.

If you insist on making your own masturbator, make sure the “sleeve” includes a condom or some kind of barrier between you and the material you use. It doesn’t completely eliminate risk, but it’s safer than sliding your body into a tube of raw meat.


Not everyone can afford to buy expensive strokers. Using what you have around the house to get off is a time-honored tradition — we’ve all been there. But it’s always better to save your money and buy a masturbator that’s made for your pleasure. No matter what your budget is, Jack and Jill Adult has the perfect masturbator for you.

Have you ever DIY’ed a masturbator? How did that work out? Let us know in the comments!

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