Sexy Up Halloween

Halloween is always a good excuse to hold someone close. Whether cuddling up to watch a scary movie, huddling in close during haunted houses, or curling up together for a hayride, the chill of autumn with the thrill of Halloween equals a chance at romance. Be the cuddle post when your partner reaches out for comforting support, and ignite those flames of passion. At Jack and Jill Adult, we love giving you ideas for the holidays, so check these costume and sex toy tips to sexy up your Halloween!

Play Dress Up

Dress up like a stranger. Put on a mask, ring the doorbell like a trick-or-treater, and start some role-play fun. Where are you going to put your treat for your partner to eat???

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is as good an excuse to get as sexy as possible as any, so drum up your best sexy Halloween costume ideas to see if you can win the best sexy Halloween costumes contest. Coming up with a sexy costume is pretty easy, as it’s dressing as skimpy as possible, then pop some animal ears on top of your head and maybe a tail and g-string. Some take the Greek theatre philosophy that leaving it up to the imagination makes it even wilder than showing everything all at once, so get creative with it, no matter your body type.

Halloween Party Star

Be the star at costume parties by getting some classic ideas for dressing. Shop with your partner, and change who is the man versus the woman in the relationship. You cannot go wrong with a skin-tight catsuit, as leather and latex make everything better year-round.

More Sexy Costumes

Don a cape with little else, and see if you can be the sexiest pair at the party. Shop for a sexy belt, opt for hot ladies’ wear and be the main menu for sexy bunny ears during the spooky season. Little Red Riding Hood grew up to be hot, throw on a sexy Mad Hatter hat, dress all in pink with bubbles, and don’t forget to try to scare the heck out of little kids as a sexy zombie.

Women’s Lib Costumes

You can support women’s liberations while still looking sexy. Think of strong female movie characters like Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman. Even Betsy Ross can be sexy sewing, and Rosy the Riveter also has that sexy working-class woman look that can be a turn-on.

Sexy Big Girls

I don’t care if you are XXL, as Halloween is the time to hide in a costume, calling out that inner confidence as if people don’t like it; who cares? Your size does not matter, as you can still look perfect in your coverage, even busting out a short skirt that will make heads turn.

Hunky Big Dudes

The same goes for men who wouldn’t usually come out of their shells, as Halloween is the time to order that Amazon outfit, spray on some white or red hair dye, act as confident as the heroes in the movies, and try to get ready for some love. It’s not about the sizes so much as how cool your costume is at the parties, so get creative, reveal your personality, and you might be amazed who wants to grab on for a ride. Of course, one size does not fit all, so apply your inner feeling and check any restraints to be yourself, the only one in stock; live it up.

It’s Fantasy Time

Halloween is the time to live out those inner fantasies. Dressing up is the first step for some great role-play, so how else can you kick it up a notch? Might I recommend electrostimulation?

Scary Movie Fantasy

Tie each other up. Play out a scary movie with a sexual twist. Fall is the best time to act out vampire and werewolf fantasies.

It’s Bondage Time

If you have not explored the world of bondage, Halloween is as good a time as any, as blindfolding your partner only adds to a scary scenario, such as a haunted house or scary movie playing in the background. When you don’t know what’s happening next, the heartbeat increases as the fight or flight response kicks in, wondering what could be lurking around the corner for an innocent victim tied up with love cuffs, bear flesh exposed. There’s no telling what could be waiting, and whether it’s fur and leather, hot candle wax and ice cubes, or even some attachments from that electrostimulation, get ready to orgasm hard.

Bob For Fun

Put a new twist on some classic Halloween games. Instead of bobbing for apples, try bobbing up and down on your partner’s rod. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, blindfolded partners can try to insert a butt plug into their tied up partner.

Carve Up Pumpkins

Go old school, and get a couple of pumpkins to carve with your partner. Challenge each other to carve out your fantasy into the pumpkins. See who can get the sexiest pumpkin carved.

The Great Pumpkin

If you are lucky enough to be able to find a gigantic pumpkin, you can get your loved one riled up by jumping out of it in a skimpy outfit. It’s like a candygram, only for Halloween, and if you cannot find a giant pumpkin to fit you, get one of those oversized cakes and jump out of it.

Pet Dress Up

Nothing is sexier than finding some accessories for your pet to match you. Regardless of pet color, there are many ideas for pet costumes, so why not have your pet look as perfect as you? While having a pet is optional, feeling as if you want someone to discover you is simply hot.

A Cereal Killer

Halloween is the perfect time to bust out Count Chocula cereal. Make some sticky marshmallow treats with it, or simply pour it on the bed and have sex on it. Either way, it’s a small-sized treat that can be fun to eat from each other’s orifices and other places.

Pop Up Scare

Jump scares and pop-up scares are a fun thing to do during the spooky season, so set some traps for your partner and see if you can get their heart racing a bit. Have someone naturally grotesque jump out from behind the porch at unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. See if you can scare the kids enough to drop their candy, which is more to pass out to the next ones.

Be A Kid

Don’t forget to channel your inner child. Go trick or treating, and see who will give you candy. With a big enough mask, they won’t be able to tell how old you are, so try it!

Be a Mermaid

Hold your breath while wearing a mermaid outfit underwater. See if you can jump out of the pool to scare people. Everyone loves a sexy mermaid; it might be hard to walk in a tail.

From the Trees

Hang from the trees like a monkey and wait for your unsuspecting partner. Jump down and try to scare them. Chase them into the bedroom and see if they will take advantage of you.

Hide Your Affairs

Nothing is scarier than hooking up with a neighbor, thinking that you are alone, then your partner jumps out of the closet to bust you. When you think you are slick cheating, be aware that your biggest fears can also come true this time of year. Be forewarned!

Sexy Caramel Apples

Get all sticky, gooey, and gooey with some warm caramel. Put some on apples, dress up the apples as sexy as possible, and put a little caramel on your lover. Make sure it’s not too hot, then lick up the sticky sweetness off of them and see where that leads the two of you…

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