Sex Toys Over Toxic Relationships

These days, you do not have to be in a committed relationship to have sexual pleasure. As someone who has been in a few toxic relationships over the years, trust me when I tell you that sometimes there is much less stress when you learn to pleasure yourself instead of staying in a bad situation. Your sex toy does not get jealous of other sex toys, does not get belligerent and start fights with other toys, and does not feel threatened by the mention of a family therapist.

Wise Words

In the wise words of my mother, “you can only suck and fuck so many ways, so many times, and in so many places before there has to be something more.” In other words, if sex is the only thing keeping you together, and you cannot stand each other any other time, it’s time to end it. You don’t need a sex expert to reach orgasm when using a sex toy.

Evaluating Relationship Satisfaction

When asking yourself how satisfied you are in your relationship, a good question to ask is if you are both good to and for each other. Do you look out for each other’s best interests, or is the relationship more one-sided? Can you have fun, and laugh, but still maintain your sexual satisfaction?

Are You Happy?

Ultimately, you control your happiness, so you alone know if you are satisfied currently. However, even in bad situations, people can view their partner with rose-colored glasses, constantly making excuses for their actions to other people, like they were just drunk. If you have found yourself in a toxic situation that no longer enhances your life, here are a few tips on why dildos might be a better option than staying with an abusive partner over the long haul.

For Sexual Health

First, sex toys are a way healthier option when looking at overall sexual health, because dildos do not sleep around or put you at risk of contracting sexual diseases like a partner that cheats. There’s zero risk of a sex toy getting you or anyone else pregnant. Just clean the dildo with sex toy cleaner after, especially if it has been exploring your butt.

Whatever You’re Into

Regardless of what you are into, there’s a sex toy for that. If you prefer penetrative sex with hard plastic, porous materials, or non-porous toys, glass, silicone, or vibrators, there’s a sex toy to enhance your sex life. Whether partnered or single, sex toys impact increasing orgasms. While you can openly communicate with your partner about which sex toys you desire, you can also keep it private between you and your dildo.

Cranking Up Orgasms

To increase orgasm, you can get chemicals involved, such as climax creams for the vagina. Increase the power of the vibrator to enhance passion with your lover from the bedside drawer. There are novel ways to use sex toys, and the dildo is always non-judgment.

Working That Toy

If you happen to play with your sex toys while working on the job, that’s up to you to explore. Not sure what kind of talk you may have to have with whoever, but make sure you’re not in the wrong. If it’s completely cool, like you work at home and are your boss, you don’t have to be in your bedroom to enter the world of sexuality by stimulating your body.

Buzzing At Work

You can even get your partners involved in using a sex toy at work, such as putting them in control of the phone app that operates that sex toy you stuffed down your panties. When will they hit the button to make it buzz and vibrate the way you like it? Anticipation is key.

History of Masturbation

Busting out a sex toy means someone is about to orgasm. Are you involved in a sexual relationship, or will you be maintaining passion through toys in your own hands? They used to say that you’re not supposed to masturbate, that it could cause hair to grow on your palms, and even made people believe they could be blinded when ejaculation squirts in their eyes, but we have since learned that orgasms decrease the stress in our lives: now masturbation is good.

Increase Self-Esteem

Stop worrying if you are a good enough lover. Sex toys impact self-esteem because they will never talk down to you like you’re stupid, making you feel as if you do not matter. Stop trying to change everything about yourself to please a toxic partner and start buying more sex toys to please yourself without the worry of what someone else thinks.

Not Scared, Sexy

When you orgasm, you feel good. Instead of being scared of a partner, feel sexy with a toy. Being scared does nothing positive for you, but when you feel sexy, you feel confident; feeling your best always helps to boost your mood, which increases pleasure, so go out and have fun.

Sense of Vibrators

A vibrator is committed to your relationship, always ready when you are, always hard, knowing exactly where to go to hit your g-spot the way you like it. Vibrators will not hit, smack, kick or abuse you, will not ask you for money, and will not be seen frequenting the bars. While sex toys might not be the best for conversation, they will listen to your venting.

Idea for Pleasure

Regardless of any mean things partners have ever said, a vibrator will not say that. They don’t side with your partners; they are there for you, whether you want them in your bed or at the top of a mountain after a long hike through the wilderness. They are into your body and will explore every area you want them to increase desire and sexual satisfaction.

Too Many Toys

While it’s true that you can become overly reliant on sex toys, as you don’t have to adhere to their schedule, make them dinner, iron their clothes or listen to their ranting conspiracy theories, sometimes, it’s worth it. You can become attached to your toys because vibrators know how to get you off, and you know what to expect, as there’s not that surprise of what’s hidden underneath the clothing; they’re always hard with no excuses of being sick.

Does that mean that you can have too many toys? Not really; it just means that some partners might not be as satisfying as a good vibrator, which might make a partner feel bad if you are in a relationship. If you are steadily using sex toys, switch up to a human; it’s not like the human will constantly vibrate on your g-spot the way your vibrator does, either.

Be open with your partner, talking to them about what you like in your favorite toys. Bring them into the equation, or kick that abuser out of your life and settle in with the toys. Again, a vibrator will not make fun of you, make you feel bad, or bug you to do something you don’t want to do, so why would you settle for a partner who treats you badly if you can have a toy?

What’s Your Favorite?

There are too many toys to say one is my concrete favorite, as new toys are released on the market daily. A rabbit vibrator or triple pleaser is always a classic for a woman, while a man might like the virtual vibrators with online interactives. Maybe you want to replace your partner with a lifelike doll, that does not argue with you, talk back, or complain.

Even cuddling can be completed with a lifelike torso. That’s better than cuddling up with someone who thinks you are a bank and only seems to talk to you when they want something. Sex toys will not ask you for anything, but they will increase sexual satisfaction.

Want to bounce up and down on a dildo attached to a ball, pretending to be a kid back in gym class? Maybe you want to invest in a sex swing while combining it with the joy you feel when you ejaculate. Have you considered the vast array of butt plugs on the market, carefully discovering the difference between each one to explore which one is your favorite so that you know?

Have you discovered the world of electrostimulation? Do not discredit that when thinking of new ways to enhance your masturbation. Add a little electrical stimulation while wearing nipple clamps, and find your tolerance for pain while giving yourself some shocks.

Sick of being asked where you are, what you were doing, or who you were with? A sex toy will never interrogate you. If you want to increase the number of orgasms in your sex life while decreasing the drama, sex toys are the answer you have been seeking all along.

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