Sex Toys for Women Find More Acceptance in Indian Society

Sex Toys & Women in India

There is currently a changing tide washing across much of India, the second most populous country in the world with an estimated population of 1.36 billion people in 2015.

Recently, a number of adult toy retailers have picked up momentum in the country, especially gaining favor among women. Several small business owners in the intimacy industry have lamented that India was previously a very sheltered culture when it came to human sexuality and that many women did not have the opportunity to express their desires or enjoy the sex they wanted. That is changing now as sales of adult toys, lubricants, lingerie and other sexy accessories have skyrocketed with a strong female customer base at their heart.

Big Names

Today there are several major companies selling sex toys in India including it’spleaZure and Love Treats. These companies are selling sex toys online to men and women in India who have never had a chance to explore their sexuality. In addition, the owners of these companies are women who truly believe that providing women with an outlet to express themselves sexually is a matter of health and wellness. Indeed, both companies claim that almost half of their customers are women and that women typically spend more on each transaction than men. 

Small Steps

Despite the fact that sex toys for women are growing in popularity month after month, it remains difficult to discuss sexuality openly in India. While many shoppers are willing to branch out and learn about a variety of different stimulants, toys, lubricants and other products behind the safety of their computer screen, actual face-to-face conversation on the topic is a difficult task. Nevertheless, leaders in the sex toy industry want to encourage people to share their experiences and educate one another about products, opening up the possibility for a much more accepting society down the road. 

By the Numbers

Between 2013 and 2015, there was notable growth in the Indian sex toys industry as awareness of products reached new clientele. We now know that men are spending the majority of their money on lubricants while women are more interested in sexy lingerie, but place lubricants as a close second.

Women are especially interested in the Fifty Shades of Grey product line that made waves when the book and movie of the same name got so much attention. Even beyond India, global sales of sex toys have gone up, and women are now at the forefront of both sales teams and customer lines.

Women are taking far more interest in their sexual health, and asking more questions publicly about new products on the market, pushing innovation. Where many couples once believed that plain lingerie and condoms were the only options out there, they have now learned about the vast variety of products on the market, and they have gained the confidence to begin experimenting with new things. 

Going forward, the sexual revolution will continue to spread around India and across the world. Online sex toy retailers will continue to create new products that allow couples to enhance their relationships. As women grow bolder in their ability to convey what they want and how they want it, we can expect to see more public recognition of sexuality across the board.

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