Sex Toys for Lazy People

When you’ve been working so hard that your arms feel like jelly and the mere thought of holding onto anything, even a sex toy, is just too much, there are hands-free options to explore. No matter what you’re into – if you want a wearable vibrator that your partner can stimulate via remote control or the penetrative sex offered by hands-free vibrators – there’s a solution to have sexual pleasure still, even when you’re feeling lazy. Why spend the money on a relationship therapist when you can invest in internal stimulation like a prostate massager?

Helping Carpal Tunnel

I’m not into minimalist design, as I’m more of an everything-but-the-kitchen-sinker, and I appreciate hands-free fun due to a carpal tunnel issue. Sometimes, it simply hurts to hold onto a dildo for an entire session, hand going numb or losing grip, as carpal tunnel can be irritated by vibration settings. When seeking out sex toys for solo play, I have always been a fan of the VeDO Kinky Bunny Plus Rechargeable Dual Vibe rabbit vibrator, so when they added the thrusting motions on top of what was already my favorite product, it sold me to be able to go hands-free.

Between the Thighs

When you don’t have to hold onto a vibrating object, it frees up having to think of any hand pain, allowing you to focus purely on the fun vibration modes between the thighs. You don’t have to talk to sex educators personally to go out and try a thrusting rabbit like the Pretty Love Natural Motion Thrusting Rabbit for yourself. Crank up both settings, feel all the good vibes, and don’t forget that you can add a butt plug.

The Trifecta, Please

There’s always opting for the trifecta like the Gender X Four by Four Vibrator. There has to be some thrusting for penetration with six intensity levels. Plus, let’s have powerful vibrations on the clitoris with an anal vibe.

To Really Orgasm

Give me stimulation everywhere. Crank up the vibrations everywhere, even in the kitchen sink! To orgasm, at least vibrate the clit and penetrate the g-spot in the vagina.

Warm It Up

You can never go wrong with having a positioning pillow like the Fetish Fantasy Series Ultra Inflatable Position Master, either while with your partner or your favorite toy. Try a little temperature play by warming lube or chilling a glass dildo in the fridge and warming another in a bowl of hot water to have dual stimulation. At least with glass dildos like the Icicles No 24 Glass Dong 6 Inch Pink, you can throw them in the dishwasher to clean them up easily.

Bounce and Ride

When you want to ride it like a cowboy, there are cool ride-upon options now that do not require a whole lot of hand control, save if you want to position a vibrating portion on the clit. There are even inflatable balls like the Frisky Sit and Ride Inflate Seat W/Vibe – think of being in gym class – where you can ride them, having a vibrating dildo to bounce up and down upon, fast or slow. However, you like it best. This lets you raise your hands with glee and get deep in with a workout.

Machine-Made Orgasm

For those that don’t like the idea of having to bounce, saying that’s too much of a physical exertion just for masturbation, there are all kinds of sex machines as well. Pick out your favorite attachment. Let it do the thrusting work for you again; sit back…

They’re Always Ready

There are all kinds of options for solo sessions. Try riding on the Jaxx Hammer; they have remote options to add bullets, and try more fun with Whipsmart. Some of these are even better than the real thing, as they will never complain of a case of having a whiskey dick.

Buzzing Couple’s Play

What’s better than wondering if a penis will last long enough to please you? Grab a Le Wand Double Vibe – Rose Gold if it doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to bust that out during couples play, as it can easily tuck into a variety of erogenous zones, with some models being whisper quiet, which does not necessarily help if you are the one to carry on, moaning in full-blown orgasm like a banshee.

Strongest Intensity Levels

Whether a model has six vibrations or eight different settings, I’m more concerned with cranking it up full throttle. What kind of battery life are we talking about? Got a kickstart?

What are you Looking For

I’m not picky if it only has five speeds, so long as the toy has a strong vibrator. Does it have a travel lock, and is it diesel-fueled for longevity? How about at least water resistant?

You Feel That?

How about some external stimulation? Let your partner control the vibration patterns through a phone app while you sport a wearable vibrator optimized for clitoral stimulation. There’s nothing like a wireless remote control to spice up the sex life when you’re apart.

Stimulate the Nipples

Maybe you’re more into nipple play. When you don’t even want to have to reach between your thighs, you can still invoke an orgasm through simple nipple play. Have you tried that today? Try out the Sexperiments Ruby Black Nipple Clamps.

Breaking the Rules

Yes, you can still use dildos. There’s no law stating that dildos can only be used on orifices. You can still vibrate not only the nipples, but the area underneath the breasts, which can be especially sensitive on women with larger-sized breasts – have a suck underneath there and see.

Cum and Swing

Perhaps one of the very best investments for lazy people is a sex swing. My friend famously said, “when I was younger, I used to use a sex swing for the kink factor. Now that I’m older, I need it out of sheer laziness, as it takes the pressure off the knees, and I can just lay back…”

No need to hear from a sexual wellness company, as a sex swing will offer that much relaxation and comfort, making it a must-have for people with knee and hip issues. A swing opens up the possibility for different positions that can hit the g-spot. While a swing does allow for hands-free fun, you can always add sex toys for clitoral stimulation and more.

A swing is also great for oral sex. Pull up a chair and eat at the Y. It will enhance the sex life.

Some Penis Envy

Admittedly, I have penis envy when I look at some of these awesome blowjob masturbators that do everything except the dishes. You can even interact with models online and have them control it. Technology is making it even easier to masturbate when feeling lazy.

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