Sex Swing Weight Limit Guide

Sex Swing Weight Limit Guide


So, you’re thinking about buying a sex swing to act out some of your deepest fantasies. First off, that’s awesome! All sorts of weightless sex activities and the best sex swing positions await.  Secondly, please make sure to pick a swing that is both safe and sexy. Other than being extra careful with some of the more difficult sexual positions, part of sex swing safety involves paying close attention to how much weight that swing can support. It’s an important concern – injuries are not enjoyable for anyone. 

With that in mind, it’s important to select a sex swing that can meet and ideally exceed the combined weight limit of all parties involved in a swing session. Also, a swing that properly fits your body/bodies will free you up to focus on pleasure instead of potentially falling. So, let’s talk a bit about sex swing safety, including weight limits, safe installation techniques, and the stuff you want to do to keep your sex swing scenarios safe AND fun. 


What Is The Sex Swing Weight Limit?

The short answer is that in general, for standard commercially available sex swings, the weight limit is typically between 200 and 400 pounds. The longer answer is that different sex swings have different weight limits (these will be listed in the product’s specifications). For example, the WhipSmart Pleasure Swing lists 200 pounds as its suggested maximum weight, while the Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing states that it can hold up to 350 pounds.  

Additionally, you have to keep in mind that where and how a sex swing is installed has a lot to do with how much weight it can safely hold. A swing that can hold 350 pounds will still fall down if its installation point can only support 150 pounds. This is why it is important to do your homework and find the best way to install whatever swing you want to use before you make your purchase. 


Installing A Sex Swing

There are multiple ways to install a sex swing. The most popular way is with a ceiling hook, but there are other methods that might work better for your home and not require explaining the hook in your ceiling to guests. Let’s take a look at a couple of the best sex swing installation methods. 


Ceiling Hook

Again, this method is super popular. Some manufacturers even include eye hooks with their swings. If you decide to go with a ceiling hook, I recommend you find one with a welded eye or use a tie-down plate as those options will be stronger and make your swing more secure. The big downside to this method is that, while your swing can be put away, you will have a hook just hanging out in your ceiling. 

Sex Swing Stand

Another popular method is to use a sex swing stand. Stands are both easy to use and portable (you could bring your swing to parties or on vacation) and they work great for spaces with very high ceilings. The main downsides to stands are that they can be expensive and they take up a lot of space. It’s easy and portable, but it does have a much higher cost and requires a lot of space. That said, stands can also come with bonuses like points to attach bondage attachments. If you go with a stand, know how many mounting points you need for your particular swing (some need 1 while others need 2 or even 4), and make sure you get a swing that will work with it . 


Exposed Beam Mount

Now, exposed beams are not something every home has but if your home has them then this installation option could be great for you! What are they?  Beam mounts are straps that are long enough to wrap around a beam and have D-rings on each side that you’ll  use to clip your swing into place. These are awesome because they require no hardware or tools. Additionally they are super portable. 

These methods are just a couple of the ways you can install a sex swing there are a whole lot others, including using a chin-up bar, as well as door to door, wall to wall, or door to wall installation. When investigating what method might work for you, you can consult the internet- multiple reputable sex writers have published explicit instructions for each method. 

Sex Swing Safety 101

When it comes to sex swing safety, there is a lot more to it than picking the right swing and installing it properly. Sex swing safety is something you have to pay attention to each and every time you use your swing. Here are some steps you can take to insure that your sex swing time is fun, sexy, and, above all, safe. 


Check Your Swing Every Single Time 

It can be tempting to skip this step. You remember the last time you used it, and everything was fine so why spend time inspecting it when you could get right to the fun stuff? The thing is, stuff can happen. Pets can chew things, stuff can get banged into and cracked. You just never know so, in the name of safety, please check your swing — including the stitching, the hardware, and your mounting point– before every use,


Do Not Remove Ceiling Hooks

So we just talked about inspecting your mounting point before use, but there’s another thing we should think about in terms of mounting point safety: DO NOT remove your ceiling hook and then try to put it back in the same hole. Doing this will make the whole setup significantly weaker and, frankly, make you (or your partner) way more likely to get hurt.  If there is a reason you absolutely HAVE to take out your ceiling hook, be aware that you’ll need to reinstall your swing in a different location. 


Use The Spring

Your swing comes with a spring for a good reason. It’s the same reason washing machines and porch swings come with springs: to reduce the impact of movement, especially rough movement. Not using your spring will put more stress than necessary on your swing. Remember, springs can always be upgraded if you need one with a higher weight limit. 


Don’t Adjust a Weight-Bearing Swing

Sometimes you (or your partner) will be sitting on your swing, and you will notice that something needs to be adjusted. In these moments, it can be tempting to just reach over and adjust it without anyone having to get up but please do not do this. Adjusting your swing while it is bearing weight can cause said weight to drop suddenly, which is scary and dangerous and also puts so much unnecessary extra pressure on both your swing and its mounting points. 

If someone (even if it is you) is on your swing and you notice that a strap needs adjusting, don’t do it until all of the weight has been removed. Typically, after you initially get your swing all set up you won’t actually need to do a ton of adjusting but if you do, please prioritize safety over convenience by making sure the swing is empty first. 

There you have it, folks. Yes, sex swings come with different weight limits, but by knowing the limit for your particular swing and taking the proper steps to ensure it is safely installed, you can keep your swinging experience sexy, fun, and safe!

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