Sex Position Astrology

Sex is a personal experience, meaning different sex positions can appeal to different people. Discover the best sex position for your zodiac sign.

Aries are creative and energetic. The best position for Aries is sitting lotus because it combines face-to-face intimacy with aggression.

Taurus love getting their way and asserting dominance in the bedroom. Reverse cowgirl is the ideal position for this sign because it lets their partner know who’s boss.

Gemini is known for duality. Doggy style is the best position for this sign because it allows them to get out some of the frenetic energy they experience in daily life.

Cancer is the nurturing and emotional sign of the zodiac. That is why missionary is the best position for this sign. Missionary allows for the most eye contact and physical touch, appealing to cancer’s cravings.

Leos are among the most dramatic signs in the zodiac. They love to show off their strength and passion, which is why ballet dancer is the best sex position for them.

Virgos are sweet, pure, and innocent. Don’t expect to get intimate with a Virgo unless they feel completely comfortable with you. Spooning is the position for a Virgo because it’s understated, simple, and a great way to establish an intimate connection.

The scales are all about balance and equality. That is why 69 is the best sex position for Libras. This position allows both partners to pleasure one another, creating the balance Libras crave in intimate relationships.

Scorpios always take things to the next level. They’re the notorious vixen of the zodiac with their sensual and mysterious qualities. A standing-up 69 is the best position for this sign.

Sagittarius lives life on the edge, which is why cowgirl is the best sex position for them. This position allows the rowdy fire sign to have fun in a variety of locations, not just the bedroom.

Sometimes considered the boss of the zodiac, Capricorns love to call the shots. The sofa straddle, which is like the sitting lotus with more back support, is the best position for this sign because they can position their partner however they like without worrying about their partner feeling unsupported.

Aquarius are unlikely to follow the rules. That is why unique sex positions are best for them. Standing rear entry allows Aquarians to get creative.

Pisces crave stability and a deep connection, both with their personal relationships and their sexual relationships. The sideways straddle is a sex position that allows for easy pacing, as well as deep penetration, making it the perfect position for Pisces.

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