Sex and Mobility Challenges: Giving Pleasure to Every Body

Sex Positions And Toys For People With Disabilities


A topic that doesn’t come up nearly as often as it should in discussions of sexuality is sex with mobility issues — or, how people with limited mobility can give and receive pleasure with their partner(s) or on their own. Our society has a nasty tendency to view people with disabilities as non-sexual beings, but this stereotype could not be further from the truth. People of all body types and abilities deserve to have the intimate, pleasurable experiences they crave, and there are a variety of sex toys and sex positions for people with disabilities to help them achieve just that.

Position 1: Wheelchair Sex

Wheelchair sex positions are great for couples consisting of someone bound to a wheelchair and their non-wheelchair-bound partner. Of course, the wheelchair has to be able to accommodate sex — mainly, it needs to have moveable armrests, or armrests that can be removed altogether. It’s also important to be mindful of the wheelchair-bound partner, since certain conditions like spasticity can cause leg and joint pain that could be agitated by added weight. 

If both parties are able and stoked to try wheelchair sex positions, there are a couple that are great to start with. First, try a straddle, with one partner mounting the partner in the wheelchair and facing them. Or, in a reverse-cowgirl, the partner on top can sit with their back facing the partner on the bottom.

If mounting or straddling positions aren’t working out, oral sex is always an option. Oral pleasure can be given to the partner using the wheelchair and can also be given from a wheelchair, if the other partner lays on a bed, couch or other elevated piece of furniture. No matter where you do it, it’s sure to feel great!

Position 2: Laying On Your Side

Another great position for couples is to have the person with limited mobility lie on their side. The side position also helps accommodate partners using catheters or who have issues with incontinence, since it limits the amount of pressure put on the bladder. There are also plenty of sexy shenanigans you can get up to with your partner from this position.

If you’re spooning one another, penetration from behind is a possibility, whether with a sex toy, penis or a strap-on. Penetration can also be achieved in a T-position, with one partner lying perpendicular to the other while on their side. 

Oral sex is also great to perform from the T-shaped angle — simply lay behind your partner and open their hips to stimulate them from the back. This position will also help alleviate any discomfort caused by spastic hips. 

Position 3: Modified Missionary

A great option for abled/disabled couples! The able-bodied partner simply needs to stand at the edge of a bed or other piece of furniture while the disabled partner lays on their back. To help with positioning, you can use pillows, blankets, or specially designed wedges. There are also several kinds of sex furniture that are specifically designed to make sex positions for disabilities more accessible, comfortable and, of course, pleasureable. 

5 Sex Toys to Take Sex With Mobility Issues to New Planes of Pleasure

Able-bodied or disabled, with a partner or solo, sex toys can help make any sexual endeavor all the more electrifying. 

Penis Pumps

PinkCherry Precision Penis Pump Male Enhancer In Smoke


Penis pumps are helpful for general male enhancement and combating erectile dysfunction, but they also help people who are paralyzed or have diminished lower body sensitivity achieve and maintain erections. By improving blood circulation in the penis, these pumps can lead to erections that are firmer, last longer and can even end in stronger orgasms. se the pump in combination with a penis extender or cock ring for additional help!

Remote Control Toys


Satisfyer Little Secret Remote Panty Vibe


Remote controlled vibrators are a great option for partnered and solo play, since their varying levels of stimulation can give intoxicating amounts of pleasure if your dexterity is limited. And, of course, an able-bodied partner can wear the remote controlled toy as well, so a disabled partner can control their pleasure for some deviously kinky fun.

Mountable Dildos


Dildos that can be mounted to a surface may be a huge help when figuring out which sex positions for disabilities work best for your body, both logistically and from a pleasure standpoint. You can have a partner help you or use the dildo solo if dexterity problems prevent you from holding onto a sex toy for extended periods of time. 


If you need that extra level of stimulation to really rock your world, vibrators are just the toys to give it to you. While they can obviously be used on the penis or vagina, vibrators can also pinpoint other erogenous zones like the nipples, neck and even the earlobes for insurmountable amounts of pleasure. 

Bondage Swings


The Trinity Sex Swing


Bondage swings don’t have to be used exclusively within the BDSM community. These ceiling mounted or over-the-door swings can help accommodate sex positions for disability that may have been tricky to achieve otherwise. And, let’s be real, it’s also sexy as hell to spice things up with a brand new ride.

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