Sasha Grey Masturbator Toys Review

There are famous porn stars and then there are legendary porn stars. Sasha Grey is undeniably the latter.

Not only has she starred in numerous adult films, she has an entire product line of masturbators molded after her very own anatomy. Fans of her adult work need not look further than Jack and Jill for all their Sasha Grey masturbator needs!

Pick Your Favorite Hole

While strokers aren’t hard to come by these days, Sasha’s line offers so much more.

  • If you want to feel like you’re getting a blow job from the queen herself, try her Deep Throat Sucker. The toy mimics Sasha’s mouth with 7-function vibrating bullets on either side for an added jolt of stimulation to your erection. Go deep with 5.5 inches of depth and natural suction that will make it feel like she’s in the room with you. The Deep Throat Pocket Pal offers the same delicious mouth without the vibration.
  • If her mouth isn’t the first thing you think of when shopping for a Sasha Grey masturbator, you’ll probably be more satisfied with the Cream Pie Pocket P*ssy. The single-entry toy features realistic labia that fans can’t get enough of. All that’s required is a dab of lube, a hard shaft, and one of Sasha’s films for inspiration. Ejaculate can be squeezed out for the complete creampie effect before the toy is washed with warm water and sex toy cleaner.
  • For more variety, try the Sasha Grey 2 F*ckhole Masturbator that features both orifices. The best part about it—besides having all the same easy-to-use-and-clean features of the creampie toy, is that the stroker’s interior has two different textures for the ultimate in fantasy play. For anal, apply lube to two fingers and stretch the hole before inserting your penis.
  • Sasha Grey super fans would be remiss if they didn’t opt for the best Sasha Grey masturbator toy—the Sasha Grey vibrating P*ssy and A**. With its lifelike pubic region complete with two holes and Sasha’s signature black bush, the fantasy of being deep inside her has never been closer to reality.

Total insertable length is 7.5 inches so you can go hard and deep!

Jack and Jill

Since the age of 18, Sasha Grey has been captivating men and women the world over. Join in on the fun and see what the hype is all about with a Sasha Grey sex toy for your next solo session or toy-assisted romp. Jack and Jill has them all!

Do you love Sasha Grey? Have any of her strokers? Let us know in the comments below!

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