Relieving Stress Through Masturbation (Yes, Really)

For generations, masturbation was one of the “evils” that puritanical thinking sought to combat. It was a deed that was said to cause blindness or result in unwanted hair accumulating on the palms of one’s hand. Of course, both of these statements have been debunked as just that—puritanical scare tactics to cover up for sexual repression that society has spent centuries building upon. Masturbation is healthy, and is one of the best activities for relieving stress. 

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Learning to Love Yourself (And Yes, We Mean That Both Ways)

Much of the world suffers from insecurity and body image dysphoria. We have trouble seeing ourselves as beautiful and enjoying the good qualities we have. Masturbation allows one a closer relationship with their own body and a chance to love the being that’s in their own skin. Learning your body inside out can help lift your self-esteem. 

Happy Hormones, Happy Life

Staying active, especially partaking in any physical activity such as masturbation and exercise allows your brain to process and release chemicals. Dopamine and serotonin are two chemical hormones that increase mood and elevate your mental health. No matter what gender you identify as, that climax that you reach while engaging in any masturbatory act releases oxytocin, which can produce a slight feeling of euphoria. 

Imagination…It’s a Wonderful Thing 

When you were going through the tumultuous bodily changes of puberty, you probably began realizing that you began feeling urges or curiosity to explore your body. During those nights, the compulsion to provide yourself with some sort of fantasy or mental image allowed you enjoy the experience that much more. Try it again, you’ll soon find that the creative side of your brain is working in ways you might not have known before. Exploring your different methods of creativity can lead to a much happier and healthier existence. 

Too Much is Never Enough

Your genitalia will not wither away and die due to an active masturbation habit. The adage of “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is wrong. A 2016 showed that regular masturbation is beneficial for the prevention of prostate cancer. It should also be noted that masturbation is only unhealthy is if gets in the way of your personal responsibilities or your social life, just like any other habit you develop. 

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