Push Your Sexual Limits

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Do you want to expand your sexual limits? If you want to try something different, but you’re too embarrassed to try new things with a partner, there are things you can do by yourself to help you feel more comfortable and confident. Here’s how you can push your sexual limits:

Dirty talk comes natural to some people, while others feel embarrassed or shy talking dirty to a partner during sex. If you find yourself feeling unsure of what to say, try talking dirty to yourself. It may feel a bit weird, but it can help you feel more comfortable saying certain phrases that may turn your partner on.

Working on your stamina by yourself can help you perform longer with a partner. Masturbating can help you learn your own personal pacing. When masturbating, try to last as long as possible. It will take practice, but you can train yourself to last longer in bed.

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Trying new positions is always fun, unless you’re physically struggling. Working on your flexibility can expand your potential in bed. Try yoga or lifting weights to build up your muscles and improve your flexibility. The more strength and flexibility you gain, the more positions and possibilities you and your partner can explore safely and comfortably during sex.

Backdoor play is one of the things you want to explore alone before trying with a partner. Anal sex requires extensive preparation and you have to work yourself up before doing it with another person. You should always keep lubrication handy, and you should start with just one or two fingers. Then, once you feel more comfortable, you can start playing with anal beads or a butt plug.

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