Product Review: Jill’s Handyrabbit Really Satisfies

While considering what to bring with me to please myself when I travel, I decided to try out Jack and Jill Adult’s Handyrabbit to see if it could keep up with me on a solo adventure mission. Though I had tried several other adult toys, I had not tried this one for my external and internal stimulation. I’m one of those who demand multiple areas to be tantalized while using a sex toy, which is why I like rabbits. In general, rabbits are my preferred go-to, as it gets both the clitoral and vaginal erogenous zones buzzing in a way that other sex toys don’t let alone have added vibration modes.

Sex Toy Logic

I chose a Jack and Jill Adult brand toy in this particular instance because I knew I would be traveling. I didn’t want to invest in one that I would cry if it got lost, stolen, or confiscated by TSA when they paw through my bags, all excited to see new sex toys. Thinking about leaving the country, those international flights can result in things coming up missing, and I’d be heartbroken if I bought a high-dollar rabbit that went by the wayside. Call me cheap or whatever you want, but planning a big-ticket vacation, I wanted to have my sexual bases covered but not spend a considerable amount that would break the bank.

Hook and Hang

Admittedly, when I saw that Jill’s Handyrabbit was on sale, that first caught my attention. The price was reasonable, but I was honestly drawn to the holding loop at the end of the vibrator. Picturing it perfectly, I could slip a carabiner hook through that loop and hang it above my bed or clipped onto my purse as I walk through airport security.

Open Carry Policy

That way, they don’t have to dig through anything. They can see it. Is that the way to do it?

Better yet, no bags. Let me clip that through my jeans belt loop. I’ll unhook it for the x-ray.

No Battery Burnout

Maybe that’s not why you purchase vibrators, but that’s where my mind went. I also liked that this was not a traditional battery-operated one, as I tend to burn through some batteries. Instead, this is rechargeable and ready to rock with some good vibration patterns.

Long Ears On This Rabbit

The ears on this rabbit are a little longer than some traditional rabbits, and they’re formed to rest on either side of the clit. Get that into position just right; you’re off to the races, no problem. The various vibrations add to this element in a fantastic way, too.

Submersible Waterproof Fun

As I said, I’m planning to take this silly little bunny with me to where it’s sunny, and that means that one of the things I for sure wanted was a waterproof toy. I don’t know if this will go into the ocean, a jacuzzi, or the shower, but it’s probably going somewhere wet. Even if it’s just inside me, since I get wet, why not invest in something waterproof?

For Your Health

It’s in the best interest of my health and mental wellness if I get off regularly, so why not be prepared for all scenarios regarding vibrators in the name of good health? My health involves having a lot of orgasms to make me happier and friendlier towards others, so I don’t have that pent-up sexual frustration. I cannot tell you why other customers shop for vibrators. Still, it left me curious to explore more of Jill’s collection.

No Sexual Frustration

Ask any man who has had blue balls if he is nicer after orgasms or if he’d rather have that sexual frustration built up in his shaft. People need to orgasm. For women, it’s not as easy as reaching down and yanking the old stick, but the shape can matter with pleasure.

The Sweet Spot

I found the most stimulation for this toy on the pull-out, which was slightly different. It took me a moment to find that sweet spot of how it could best get me off, as so many vibrators are designed to hit deep inside, whereas Jill’s fun little sex device hit best upon the pull-out, as opposed to the thrust inward. However, once I discovered how and where it felt the best on me, I was ready to try out those features, like the vibration modes shaking my clit.

I’ll Try More

The powerful vibrations were enough to satisfy me, but tell me what you think of your results. There’s a whole line of other Jack and Jill products to choose from, and I might make my way through trying out another product soon, as this was good enough to justify trying more. While you cannot always ensure the fit of how a product will hit, if you stay and play with it for a long enough time, you, too, will find your rhythm in a surprising way that might make you want to buy a few more things to try for a great price.

Still Love Favorites

Remember, you do get what you pay for, so am I going to go as far as to say that this is way better than some of my other favorite brands like Fun Factory, Evolved or Lelo? This was neck and neck just as good as those.

For My Purposes

Check out the item for yourself, but for my type of purposes, this more than fit the bill. Not only was the price an attractive option, let alone the handy loop that I could hook and hang it from wherever I needed, but I liked the powerful vibrations that it had to offer. When you’re clicking that button to add things to your cart as you browse on your phone or computer, you can probably understand my logic of using this on my intended trip to a potentially wet and tropical destination where I’d want to have my waterproof vibrator hanging within arm’s reach, just in case I need to pick it up and hold onto it for that perfect nightcap at the beach.

Let’s Get Wet

I’ll take it swimming with me if I want to. I will not be showing it off to everyone unless they want to see how versatile it can be hanging from unexpected places. Learn to have some fun when you have time to pleasure yourself and get Jill’s HandyRabbit.

Or if you’d rather curl up with some of my books for a good time, have at it. For questions and discussions, feel free to contact me directly through Skillr.

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