Product Review: INYA The Rose Rechargeable Suction Vibe

If you’re on TikTok, you’ve probably seen many videos claiming that a cute rose-like sex toy — The Rose — might end the need for men altogether. The orgasmic suction technology and a very successful social campaign had countless women gushing about this love gadget. 

The best part? It is a lot cheaper than regular clit suction toys. 

But all those who didn’t get to follow this trend from the beginning are probably wondering: What is The Rose toy? And more importantly, how useful is it? 

To answer your questions and check all the hype, we’ve tried and tested INYA The Rose Rechargeable Suction Vibe — and it did not disappoint! So, here’s our review of the famous Rose vibrator, the proclaimed holy grail of sex toys for women. 

About the Brand: Ns Novelties Inc.

Ns Novelties is a company that sells sex toys of all shapes and sizes, including vibrators and air pulse toys. They make something for everybody, regardless of gender, sexual identity, or orientation. 

Driven by its motto, “Sexy. Powerful. Exciting.”, the company strives to offer innovative sex toys. Ns Novelties’ lines proudly carry body-safe products. Moreover, its luxury toys are often more affordable than those of popular brands.

What Is Ns Novelties INYA Rose Toy?

INYA Rose is a sex toy intended for intense clit stimulation. As the name suggests, it resembles a flower with a flat base that has a hole in the middle of the rose petals. The Rose is supposed to mimic the feeling of oral sex by controlling air pulse thanks to the special pressure wave technology. 

This sex toy has generated over 100,000 hashtags on social media. You can find it under #TheRoseToy or #TheRoseReview, for example. But don’t bother typing in “sex toy” or “vibrators” because TikTok conceals anything blatantly sex-related. 

What Makes The Rose Vibrators So Special?

Several reasons set these vibrators aside. For one, the unique design makes the head look elegant and appealing but inconspicuous too. That means you can leave it anywhere in your home, and it will pass as decoration. 

But more importantly, the Rose sex toy is sweeping social media because it’s very effective. According to users, the clit suction and vibration modes can make you orgasm in seconds. It is also practical — the head can latch on different erogenous zones besides the clitoris, such as your nipples. 

Our First Impressions of the INYA The Rose Sex Toy by NS Novelties Inc. 

When we first looked at the packaging, we were slightly disappointed. There’s nothing really wrong with the box; it just seems a bit plain. The cheap packaging gives an impression of a cheaply manufactured toy inside. 

But, as we took the INYA Rose toy out, we were truly amazed by its appearance. The head itself is wonderfully crafted and has almost an ornamental look. In addition, it consists of smooth and strong material, giving it a far higher quality impression than the package. 

The size is ideal, nestling comfortably into the palm. The button is discreet but placed in a suitable spot. The viral Rose sex toy also comes in a beautiful red color. 

The toy arrived partially charged so that we could turn it on right away. When switched on, it made a faint purring sound, and we could feel gentle airwaves on the palm. 

We were astonished by the variety of vibration settings available. Although we were eager to try it, we chose to charge it first in order to get the most out of the experience. 

INYA The Rose Toy Review: Features

Pressure Wave Technology

As mentioned, INYA The Rose is a clitoral suction toy that resembles a rose. But this special shape is more than just pleasing to look at. It is created to improve suction delivery to the clit. Such pressure wave technology provides a one-of-a-kind and very pleasurable sensation. 

The sex toy combines air pressure and vibrations, unlike traditional vibrators. The use of air pulse is claimed to decrease vaginal desensitization. That means you may use it as much as you want without worrying about losing your arousal or potential to orgasm. 

INYA The Rose toy also offers a wide range of vibrations with seven speeds and patterns. So, there are a lot of options to experiment with!

Quality Power

The toy has a decent battery life, lasting 45 minutes after a full charge. You can easily recharge it using a USB cable. No more frantically searching for batteries during those heated moments! 

Practical Design

INYA The Rose toy is created with functionality in mind. The design is subtle and keeps the toy under the radar. 

The Rose vibrator is also small enough to fit in your bag. So, you can bring it along with you wherever you go. Thanks to the cute shape, you won’t get awkward stares from airport security. 

The one-button interface is easy to use, allowing you to move from 1 to 10 swiftly. That frees you to focus only on enjoyment rather than fumbling to modify the settings. However, you might want to bite down on a pillow if you go straight from 1 to 10.

This sex toy is also fully waterproof. Hence, you may use it in different settings. Do you like to unwind in a bathtub? No problem — take your new favorite bedroom toy with you. 

Body-Safe Silicone

In the US, the FDA doesn’t regulate the sex toy industry. That is unsettling, given the possible adverse effects of exposing your most sensitive parts to harmful materials. 

At best, it implies that customers are being taken advantage of, and you should be careful when buying toys. Worst case scenario, the sex toys you put on or inside your body can leak toxins. 

Thankfully, that’s not the case with INYA The Rose. Instead, it consists of silky smooth silicone that feels great on your skin. 

But more importantly, silicone and ABS plastic are safe for prolonged use. The Rose vibrator is also non-porous, which means you can fully clean it — it will not house bacteria, fungus, or germs.

Moreover, silicone toys are chemically stable and won’t change over time. Because the material is durable, such sex toys last longer, helping you save money and reduce waste. 

Ns Novelties INYA Rose Toy Specs

  • Dimensions: 2.33 X 1.98 X 1.98
  • Materials: Silicone and ABS plastic
  • Firmness: Flexible
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: One Year
  • Settings: 7 speeds
  • Water-resistant: Yes

How Does INYA Rose Work?

The Rose vibrator was created with the clitoris in mind. It wraps around your clit to offer stimulation that extends beyond the surface. If you have a sensitive clitoris, you can position the toy over the clitoral hood. The combination of vibrations, pulses, and suction reaches deep and evokes mind-blowing climaxes.

Like most others, this viral sex toy works best if you put some lube on your clit. The wetness will improve the suction and stop the toy from sliding around. 

After generously lubricating your clit and INYA Rose, line up the center of it with your nub. Before turning the toy on, gently move it around to get a feel for the texture. 

If you are a beginner, we recommend starting from the lowest speed available to get used to the unique sensation. You can use the INYA Rose vibrator during your solo sessions or with a partner. For instance, you can include it if you’re having trouble finishing after intercourse. 

What Does INYA Rose Feel Like?

The toy pulses air — sounds simple enough, right? But those little air blasts felt as though your clit is at the mercy of an oral genius, applying just enough suction to edge you closer to orgasm with each passing second. 

The gentler settings are slow-building your arousal until you reach intense pleasure. Perhaps the best way to describe the lowest speeds would be to compare them to minor licks and kisses. 

On the other hand, stronger patterns are pretty powerful and could make you orgasm straight away. The top speed felt like pulling or sucking on the clit. Some users claim it makes them climax five to seven times within one hour!

For this INYA Rose vibrator review, we also tried experimenting with various positions, for instance, lifting the legs. That proved to be a great decision, and we definitely advise being creative with your toy! 

The changes in posture cause the toy to connect differently with your sensitive area. In the end, this air pulse toy lived up to its reputation, and we achieved climax quicker than with other toys we’ve tried before.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

INYA Rose vibrator has many good things going on, but it is not perfect. For example, we’ve noticed a decline in power when the charge was low. 

If the toy isn’t fully charged when you use it, the higher suction levels feel weaker, more like medium levels. Because of this dip in power, we never really waited long enough for the battery to drain — we charged it right away. 

But that’s not all that bad. We suppose it does provide you with the advantage of knowing when the power is low. That means you won’t get caught off guard when the toy dies, just as you are about to climax (which happens more often than we would like to admit!). 

We must also mention that INYA Rose can be rather loud if not pressed against your genitalia. The more you move this clitoral suction toy around, the more likely it will disconnect with your flesh, making gurgling, sucking sounds. The noise will be even louder if you are very wet or have plenty of lube. 

Most toys that use suction technology also feature smart silence technology that makes them turn off automatically when they stop touching your skin. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with this model.

Can The Rose Toy Really Give You an Instant Orgasm?

Definitely, yes! Of course, we can’t speak for every user, but there’s a reason TikTok is obsessed with this sex toy. After taking it for a spin one too many times, we give The Rose two thumbs up. There’s also a plethora of reviews that claim the same.

One TikTok user claims she broke up with her partner after buying the Rose vibrator. Another jokingly stated that she would consult this sex toy before entering another relationship. 

In a video that had more than 1.3 million views when we wrote our review, one lady noted that The Rose made her climax in thirty seconds. She didn’t even have a chance to find an adult movie to get her in the mood!

However, keep in mind that each person is different.If clitoral stimulation is something you usually enjoy, you will probably like suction toys too. That said, some find the patterns too intense or too alien to be pleasurable. So, just because it works for many women doesn’t mean it has to work for everyone.

Caring for The Rose

Because INYA The Rose operates outside the vagina, it’s generally easy to clean, which adds to its appeal. Wash the toy after each use with warm water and mild soap, maybe even while you are still in the bath. 

The Rose is splash-proof, meaning you don’t have to be extra careful during the process. It is, however, essential to rinse it thoroughly and leave it to air dry so as not to cause skin infections.

Another thing to pay attention to is the lube. As you probably already know, different types of lubes act in different ways when they come in contact with certain materials. For example, silicone lubricants can damage your Rose because the toy is made of silicone. 

That’s why it might be best to stick with water-based lubes. You may need to reapply more often, but you will ensure your Rose stays in good condition longer. 

What About the Price?

It would be best if you bought Ns Novelties INYA The Rose toy from a trusted retailer such as Jack and Jill Adult. The price tag for this sex toy is $61. However, you can always use one of our amazing discounts to get an even better cost. 

A word of caution here: don’t fall for the cheaper prices listed on other websites. There are many counterfeit products of questionable quality on the sex toy market. Putting your health at risk for a lower price is not a good trade-off. Please purchase only from trusted sources to get the original Rose that is safe to use. 

The Rose Vibrator Review: Who Is This Toy For?

After having some quality time with it, we can say that The Rose is a fantastic low-price solution for ladies who love clitoral suction toys but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars. Ns Novelties INYA Rose has all the high-end design elements but is more budget-friendly and effective at the same time. 

The Rose toy can make you climax pretty quickly, even without all the prep and getting into the mood. That’s why this is the perfect masturbation toy when you want to orgasm without breaking a sweat. Since it cuts right to the chase, it will also come in handy in those situations when watching porn is not doable or appropriate.

The toy’s specific size and design can help you keep your pleasure time private if you live with roommates or family members. We found the toy to be pretty quiet when used correctly. So, you should be able to relax and pleasure yourself without worrying about others overhearing you.  

INYA The Rose is also an excellent beginner toy for all the ladies out there who are just starting to explore the vast sex toy market. It looks lovely and non-threatening and is simple to use. 

Clitoral suction toys are generally less invasive than G-spot stimulators and dildos. That makes them ideal if you are still unsure what you like and want to explore your body slowly and safely. 

Who Might Not Like The Rose Sex Toy?

Suction toys offer different, subtler clitoral stimulation than sex toys that rely on force or pressure. Don’t get us wrong — the suction created by wave pressure technology can be intense, especially if you are not used to it. 

But suction toys deliver completely different sensations from magic wands or bullet vibrators. Therefore, ladies who enjoy more powerful stimuli will probably find the suction technology insufficient.

Furthermore, those who prefer to get off by stroking, rubbing, or putting pressure on the clitoris, might also want to skip this sex toy. It is not suitable for such use. 

Some might find that Ns Novelties INYA The Rose, and other suction toys, for that matter, are not that fit for couples’ play. They work best when applying light and consistent pleasure to your clit. 

However, during intercourse, it’s difficult to keep so still, and partners tend to move the toy around unintentionally. In such situations, The Rose toy becomes quite noisy, which some find off-putting. Moreover, the suction is not that noticeable or effective in the midst of movement and next to other, more intense stimuli. 

So, if you’re searching for toys to use with a partner, we recommend going for something that requires less finesse. Traditional bullet vibrators will probably do the trick.

The Verdict on the INYA Rose

So, are we just as addicted to The Rose toy as the rest of TikTok? Definitely. This time, social media was spot on about something. 

INYA The Rose is the true power queen and one of the best sex toy purchases we’ve ever made. We’ll be reaching for The Rose every time we desire an instant climax in the morning or when we don’t want to be alone in the shower. 

If you need a fast pick-me-up while working from your home office (one so brief that no one will notice you’ve left your laptop), this is a great option — and a visually pleasing one at that. Whether you’re a sex toy novice or a seasoned pro like us, The Rose will help you achieve an orgasm in a matter of minutes.

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